Friday, May 27, 2011

What really matters

A long lazy Friday came to its end. It’s been a week that I am suffering from a terrible headache that reduces my ability to concentrate with the world around me.
My grandfather’s death is affecting my moral health. My heart is losing his loved ones one by one making the future really scary for me.
I have to admit that I am tired and all the methods I am using do not help me to cheer up even though my motivation has always been bigger than my losses.
I have my own vision about love, and I guess each one does too. Between both of them, matters only what we succeed in completing, the smiles we draw, the dignities we respect, the eyes we make brighten, the souls we touch and the modesty we show to put people’s happiness before ours.
When my dad left, my mom used to take me often for shopping to “bring me up”. My wardrobe is full but still I am not cheerful. Then when my love left, my so called friends took me for diner in a very nice restaurant where they got kind of busy admiring some boys. I was not hungry when we left but I wasn’t up either.
I’ve heard so many people saying that money makes happiness. In this context, I do wonder what wealth, care and attention make then.
I do not know if it is my vision which is different once again. My closest friend already tried to explain to me that feelings will never be enough to succeed because we are conditioned with our social environment that I am sure will end up accepting me or isolating me forever.