Saturday, January 31, 2009

The day I realized that from life I learnt a lot..

It was 17h.
I entered my room, threw myself on my bed, with my arms big opened. I had the eyes closed and crying.
That day, again, Someone I thought deserved my trust had cheated on me.
minutes went, and my mind thought more and more.

I realized that there was no reason to be sad for, because this time, I used my mind and could make my own plan to discover the truth.

This is experience in life.
When I look back to my past life, remembering my first love, I feel sometimes a kind of pain for not being able to love again, or when I remember my lost good friends.
But still, that the lessons I've learnt from all of that are more important than the feeling itself.

I realized that day, that I changed, that I am a wise person.
I realized that life is not all about living or walking with no aims
It is in analysing every small detail around us.
There for, facing sometimes the same situation shouldn't be taken as a new pain but as a basic point like the one used for HACCP , where , after putting the needed changements, you should test them, to see: if yes, or no, you fixed them the right way.

My new resolutions of the new year have just started, and I am fixing them this week.
It is strange, yes!! As the whole of the world think of them by the end of 2008

Still that I make of every new day , another begining, a new hope, a new moment, a new laugh, and an important step to grow.

I am sure that you will wonder which kind of spirits I have or which way do I use to focus in understanding the world?

I would reply by telling that Sensitivity, even if it has always been a weak point for most of people, it is for me the intelligence of the soul.

To all people facing any bad or sad or hurting situation, I would love to say:
never feel broken
take it as an experience
learn from it
discover your mistake
put corretion to it so that you don't commit it again.
beleive that everything happens for a reason
and if you meet again the same situation, ask yourself, ask your mind twice, before acting.

that's all for today
I will be back soon to share you more stories

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The 21st of january 2009
What a day ! what a day !
Again, I felt down from my bed early because I had an exam.
Of course, it wasn’t the big joy. It was so short and so difficult.
Anyhow, I finished studying at 20h. and as always, I went walking in the cold night of this long and tiring month of january, and I had my small monolog.
I remembered that today is the birthday of my first love.
And of course, the crazy mind I have never stops at one idea.
I do remember his last birthday. He was so precious, so important for me.
But people, do you see that life change?
I thought of that sentence saying: yesterday had gone, tomorrow is not here, so lets live today.
I may have taken too much time, to realize finally that the best way to be happy is to take life day by day.
We may feel sometimes that we are lost, sad, tired, or simply fed up with this world, but there is always a way to go over this.
It is obvious to think that today should finish with at least one benefic thing and that tomorrow is a new day which will make of today “yesterday”
During my 20 years of life, I have deeply believed in one thing: growing up makes us change and with the new experiences we live, we realize that there were too many stuffs which have never deserved all what we dedicated to them.
We realize that our minds think differently before acting,
We realize that the theory of decision wasn’t discovered to be kept inside books, but to be used.
We realize that thinking twice before acting always rescues us.
We realize that having two ears and one mouth means: listen twice before talking.
We realize that challenges are what make our days full of action.
We realize that everything goes with time, so when you deeply want something, go over your limits to get it. If you fail, then there is something better waiting for you somewhere else, and don’t worry about what you feel: our minds were made to forget about the bad experiences.
My last words:
Cheer up!
Take life positively!
Never give up a dream when you feel it deeply
And remember that life isn’t what you live , but what you made of your days, society and world.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It was 15h, I had just finished the course of nutrition.
Put my brown jacket, my glasses, and the music at its top on the headphone of my mobile and started walking.

The songs I listened to were the same two ones: because of you, and, A thousand miles.
I felt that today was going to be another strange day.
I was walking, and Thinking. People was passing, my mind went in some deep feelings with the music and the faces coming in front of me, couldn’t know to what I was looking, as I was wearing my glasses.

At this time, I remembered a worry that I am having since few weeks.
I asked myself, how do I do to be convinced and confident about something and how is it possible to feel in total doubt about others?

I give some examples to explain it in a better way:

I am convinced that I am made to be a restaurant manager, even though I have tried to study different modules at university.
I am convinced that I’ll keep my hair with light black, even though I saw all the possible colors that suit me more.

I am also convinced that if numbers were human beings, then the number 1 would be a man, and 2 a woman.

I realized that to get to a conviction, I need a lot of time, but once made, I can’t have, not a single doubt about them.
This reminds me the last event happening to me with one of my friends, explaining me that friendship can’t come to a love story.

At his words, I laughed a lot, because it is not his argument which would fix my ideas. What he had said , is a conviction in my mind followed by my whole body: I note here: soul, heart, thoughts, feelings…
So back to my doubts, I find it crazy that I still can’t come to a decision about my studies of next year.

My last course in management was about “decisions”. Actually, the bases given by the teacher were really meaningful.
Analyzing the problem, studying all the possible solutions and choosing the one with the most benefits_ between brackets _ with the less disadvantages.
As long as I’ve tried to come to a decision using this method, I found myself in a vicious circle with no possible end.

Still that, at the end of this, I have kind of serious questions:

Why do we doubt?
Is it because of our feelings, our minds, the faced situation, or the fears of the results?
How is it possible to doubt about something and to be convinced of another- in the case- where no proof is used to help us making up our minds?

Is doubt a sort feeling?
I guess, yes; because it affects our hearts and changes our mood.
Again. I think that this subject is typically a part of us ‘human beings’
So till I come to a final decision, I thank all of you for reading

Monday, January 12, 2009

It was a day..

The 12th of january 2009.
It was 8:17 exactly when my mom entered my room, asking me to wake up as it was too late.
When I opened my eyes, and looked at my mobile to see what time was it, I understood that the day was starting bad.

I felt down from my bed and used all the glucides present in my body to get the necessary energy to do my housework and go to school.
As the minister of tourism was coming, we weren't allowed to study, to walk out of the class or to leave the school once we enter it.

And here, my mind started thinking of mistakes.
The first thing coming to it, was: Didn't I make a bad choice by registering at this school?
Actually, my thoughts didn't stop at that point.
So I wondered, if I could be back to the past, will I change something?
If no, does it mean that I am happy with everything I am doing.
If yes, does it mean that I am feeling guilty, and regreting what I have always called MY choices in life?

Inside the mind of a starter in the management carreer, choices seem to be more than simple facts of taking one way and refusing the other.
It is a total theory, and a regreted choice means that I have analysed badly the possibilities and
I didn't study well the coming results of each one.

there for, my feelings of the day were really confused
But as a marketing student, I try to get benefit of every single situation, believing that no product should be thrown, we can always get some advantages.

by the end of today, I wish again, even a month later, that from every small thing we do, we provide ourselves some happiness.

I wish that the 3rd world will start to use some management so that we 'logic people' stop posting hopless articles about our moods of the days.
and I wish that all the beautiful and magic things, even the smallest and simple ones we fell one day, can keep making us smile and fix our motivations to other challenges, hopefully well studied.

Dear Phil, thank you for reading , in advance :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A morning smile

I woke up today in a strange mood. Normally, it was a day like any other one, in which I had to go to college, clean, run, fight, get annoyed, and then be back to keep silent in front of my laptop while typing.
But my feelings were nice. Some people even wondered if I am not finally dating someone.
The fun, wallah
The first thing I thought about was challenges.
Yea, I thought about all the challenges of this year that I could realize.
I remember that I mentioned them on a sheet of paper that I kept inside my agenda.
I am really happy with this nice beginning of 2009.
I am happy with this fate, this destiny, these meetings from the craziest to wisest ones.
I am happy because I can smile again.
Because some people that could change my whole world with one word are no longer part of my life.
And I am happy that others got inside my world.
When I meet people, I don’t really give myself a big headache thinking of the way I met them, or the reason for, or the past life they were having or the future one that may change what we are sharing together.
I do believe in one thing: the present we are living. And in this present, we are part of each others world.
Caring about people, enjoying the time spent with them and giving all what my heart feels like giving is not something new to these who know me.
I always had the same theory in life: because nothing matters, I should take life as it comes, share with the most sincerity I can give and keep my pure, innocent (or naughty), and spontaneous way of expressing myself.
And because I never regret what I live, because I didn’t regret what I have said last year, or may be last night, because I won’t regret what I wil be saying the coming days and years.
I was happy today, when I woke up.
I have a special thanks to my Allah for the smile I have
I thank deeply all those who advised, carried about me, or simply gave me a great sweet wonderful daily company, that for sure means a lot to me, and for sure it is not less precious than the smile I get through their jokes, talks, comments, may be fantastic kisses.
Whenever I will be looking at the blue and dark sky with its stars, just too close to the beach, listening to Bryan Adams may be or to Nizar Kabani, I will remember with a smile all those nice memories.
And because no one knows what tomorrow is preparing for us, I live day to the day and my feeling today was too beautiful.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


One of the biggest things of this world, the commander in chief of every single action or thought we involve ourselves in.
As much as I tried to get to an exact definition, I found myself collecting billion of words controlled by it, but I never reached the hoped meaning.
Is it a series of unit composed of seconds, minutes, hours, days, years and centuries?
Actually, that’s not how I would describe it.
Time seems to me to be one of the bases of our lives
Isn’t it the one talking for our ages, birthdays, meetings, duration spent to do things?
So dearest, do you see how important time is?
Since the day I started to realize its importance, my mind also begun at the same time to observe things differently.
I give an example:
The last day of my training, my mind was concentrated in one idea, looking at my swatch and thinking that these faces I am seeing now, will no longer be part of my life in few TIMES
Same thing happened to me when I used to feel sad or get a big disappointment
Even though I think of the pain, my mind concentrates in how long I will need to forget or feel better.
Time is also what makes us grow, and get more in the experiences of life
It is what allows us to discover more about people, to take decisions, to think, to act.
Everything is too controlled by it and sometimes, one sec means a lot.
Yea, to save someone’s life, to win a completion in sport, to add one word on your sheet of exam, or simply to shut up before saying something you would regret, or say something which would change you whole world if you had done it.
So 1sec has never been anything.

Is there anyone of all of us who didn’t say, at least one,” If only I could go back to the past in time and do this and that, or change this and that”.

So why not, thinking well since the beginning in order not to regret anything we do or we live?
Why not making our minds use the sentence “ I take my time, before acting”?

From another side, I see time as the factor that we can only deal with.
No one can stop time when it is making us get older, when it makes the moment we are living get smaller, or when the wait we are in seems to be too long.
World looks like a sauce inside its stew pan , you know that it is end is to be cooked
Good or bad, this depends on your basic ingredients
But one thing can make you come to one of these two results: the TIME of cooking.