Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poeple this picture is not from the net.
It was sent to me by a friend from Turkey
rafting is really great, isn't it?
the second guy on the left side is my friend Omar or "Omer" as turkish people say.
He is too funny, just had a crash on my friend Sihem and wants her to move to Antalya to be with him.
really it makes me laugh.

My lovely grandmother.

my allah keeps you in his paradise
sweet heart you were habibti
I miss you big


How strange is life? It took everything, even you Dad.
I've finally found your only pic so that I can write about you.
I wonder if you still think of me. Do you miss me?
I don't know if I do. I don't know what do I feel. I just think of you too much.
I still remember these days when we used to go to take Ice_cream together.
It was a great time.
I still remember you taking me in your arms. It is something I didnt do anymore after you'd gone.
I guess whenever I felt down, I just needed you to be with me.
I promise that if I have one day to get children to chose a great father for them.
I promise you that they won't be lonely as I am without you.
I wonder how you look now? I'm sure ur hair isn't black as in this picture.
I'm sure you start to look like a grand father as your young girl is becoming a mature woman.
I wished if you could be here to celebrate my birthday, my success in studies
or simply that you share my pains when I feel down, sick, when I lose my best friend, or simply when my first love leaves me for no reason
As much as I wished to be a mother, Iwished that my children know you, go out with you and beg you to buy them some sweets.
I guess that I better do to stop dreaming.
The one who said:"Impossible is nothing" didn't think twice before saying it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

TV and its influences

Our world is based on technology and high process. Discovering the world is something really fascinating but travelling can’t be easy to get for everyone. From here, television entered as a big, easy and wonderful tool to teach people all what they need to know about the world they are living in.

However, disadvantages of TV are as numerous as its advantages.
In fact, today’s programs are full of offending things. Starting by violence, manipulation, and wrong politics views, and finishing by the cruelest thing: sex.

I don’t know if it is the fact that it is the representation of the information with sound and imagine that has this great effect but it is sure that it influences deeply the people’s behavior.
Violence in movies became so usual that doing it in real life is increasing.

Haven’t you seen how the percentage of crimes got higher the last years?
People aren’t making difference between fantasy and reality and they just think that all what they see in TV can be done in real life normally.

I guess this due to the lack of control to programs and also the fact that not all producers explain that what they are presenting on TV is not always true.
One other big problem we are facing is the influence of politics views. The manipulation is becoming more and more frequent in TV programs.

Lies are told very easily and people just believe everything they see and get influenced quickly.
What’s more, manipulation isn’t only limited to the politic but to something really worse: sex
It is for sure the first thing that I don’t tolerate at all. They make of your children perverts at young age. They teach them how to rape, how to be animals. They throw away the beautiful meaning of it to replace it by an inhuman desire.

Just think of it. When your child is watching TV and then meet randomly these dirty things, what can you do after?
This why, all what is shown on TV should be controlled.
For example, we have to limit the access to these dirty channels. Of course what can be better than this, is to completely erase them but they think that making of them something virtual pushes people to stop looking for it in real life something with which I don’t agree.

People should also know that the point of views proposed isn’t always what must be followed and everyone has his own thoughts built on what he believes in.
The most important thing is to control violence. Movies are just movies. Superman isn’t really a super man and he doesn’t fly. How many children died after trying to do same thing?
It’s really important to give each movie the minimum limit of age to be watched.

As a summary of these ideas, I would say that what we should do first is to sensitize our children, and then to control the programs, also to put some limits for them
Still that the good education and the wild knowledge is the most precious thing that guide everyone to the right way and help him to find what is true and what is wrong.

Zahra when she was a baby :)

Children the love of my life

these are kids of Ayham's friend.
too lovely, too sweet....
just don't find words to tell you how I love children

Monday, June 23, 2008

El alma....

El alma.
Pasé mucho tiempo pensando qué podría ser el secreto del alma pura.
Busqué durante años antes de encontrar la respuesta que era muy fácil.
Todo se hace dentro del corazón de cada uno de nosotros.
Un alma pura es como un algoritmo si empieza correctamente, sigue correctamente y si se termina de la misma manera, sus resultas serán fantásticos y resolverán todas las problemas.
Entonces, cada uno de nosotros tiene que empezar para su actitud.
No hagas a los otros lo que no te gusta que la gente te haga.
Antes de pronunciar una frase pregunta tu corazón:
· Es necesario?
· Es simpatico?
· Es verdad?

No prometa lo que no puedes hacer.
Di a tus amigos que preciosos son para ti, hoy puede ser el ultimo día con ellos.
No diga cosas malas sobre los otros.
Perdona, perdona tus cariños. Es que están haciendo lo mejor par verte feliz.
Cree en el amor. Si hay uno que te ha hecho daño, eso no significa que todos los otros son los mismos y seguro, vas a encontrar lo que merites.
No es necesario llorar cuando un sueño se va. No encuentras otro que Dios decidió que es el tuyo.
Sea sincero, fiel, amable, y inocente.
No olvides que las personas que dan todo lo que pueden, reciben lo mejor de la vida.
No abandona, haz todo para realizar todo lo que quieres

La bondad es el secreto de todos los éxitos.

Friday, June 20, 2008

yo y tù....

I close my eyes, tracing the way you take
I see a spark at the end of the road.
I gaze your smile, caressing your cheeks, I feel that my soul wants to fly, to touch the sky, and to dream.
To dream of a world where people are like you: soft, magnets, faithful, destitute of every deceit and share with their heart.

the words meaning lie, deception, cupidity and calumny aren't for you.

I'll keep loving you forever. We'll stay together even if life trys to separate us.
you were the nerve that maintained my heart alive, but now you'd gone.

I know that in this world,I am an apprentice, I know that the pain is my master
I am not sad!!!
life never keep the one I love and care about beside me or netheir the ones I hate further away.

If I did fooleries then forgive me.
knowing that you'll always stay far from me drives me frantic.
I feel that I am very frail without your sincere feelings.

I burst into tears whenever I am alone, whenever I remember the great memories I had with you.
I dedicate these words to everyone who lost someone that he deeply loves.

no matter if I have to die tomorrow, I've recived from you a big feeling that was abchored into my soul.

I love you deeply

Thursday, June 19, 2008

yo y tù....

Hoy es el jueves, hace exactamente 20 dias que Omar esta con su nueva novia.

Qué cosa tan dura! es algo que no me lo puedo creer. Ha olvidado todo el amor que tengo yo por él? Ha olvidado todos nos planes juntos ?

qué he querido yo? un hombre, un humano? o un animal como el monton de animales que hay en ese mundo!

tengo la respuesta, desgraciadamente.

En esos casos, el uno de nosotros se arrepente de todos los sacrificios, del tiempo perdido, de la sinceridad, de todas las pruebas del amor para unos que no saben qué significa ser obsesionado de alguien

tenia mi vida toda entera a sus pies, pero esta con una otra.

Lo siento por mi corazon que tiene solamente 20anos y que esta totalmente destruido.

Lo siento por todas las tonterias que he hecho.

sabes? te tenia en el sangre, te queria mas que todo en ese mundo

queria dar todo lo que tengo para verte feliz

Pero espero que DIOS te dé lo que mereces.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

20 years old and 1 age today.

Pasé un dia maravillosa con mis profesores del CERVANTES.

Celebramos mi cumple: habia LUZ, JOSé, NADIA, MARTA, JAVIER, ERNESTO, ...

Era una fiesta magnifica.

Salimos para comer en un restaurante, como simpre no comi mucho!!! los doleres del amor tienen efectos en cada parte del cuerpo.

Javier comio kouskous con pan!!! qué cosa tan extrana!

de vuelta al instituto, comimos la tarta de chocolate en el jardin.

la verdad es que estaba muy feliz. los ultimos meses no vi otra cosa que las penas que ma habia causao Omar.

Hablando del amor, vi algo fantastico: el amor de LUZ y JOSé.

se quieren de la misma manera con la que quiero omar.

Es raro ver un amor tan inocente.
como el de LUZ y JOSé, come el mio para ese Palestino.

Sabeis amigos; no necesito enamorarme una otra vez...Es suficiente para mi ver personas enamoradas de verdad.

digo yo gracias a dios

gracias a mis profesores

y a mi !!!! jajajajajajajaj


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Different...........for me.............


Living in such a big world is with no doubt is very big experience, where we meet, see, discover different kinds of people, having all their appropriate way of behaving.
So what is that style of life that I find strange?
That’s the question

You may expect from me to write about that time when technology didn’t mean anything, where people were so strange in their way of behaving and thinking.
You may expect from me also to talk about Europe or America, or may be about a trip I had recently to somewhere where people have weird clothes and food.

But giving you such an unreal example that you think I’m following other people’s opinion would be a lie.

In fact, today’s life in Algeria and Arabic countries is what I find awfully different from my thoughts
And which astonish and chock me most of the time.
Words won’t be enough to explain you what sincerely goes through my mind when I see how the society is going nowadays.

Yea! I find it strange that there are some people too rich, and others very poor and no one give them help.
I find it strange that men control everything and women are badly treated.
Isn’t it a freak behavior to give job for someone not competent?
I find it hard to believe that to build a house, people need ages.
Everything around me is so different. What I saw during my trips has always been simple and acceptable, but what I see here everyday, every second… makes me confused and give me an eerie feeling.
I think of these people wearing such stupid things just to look like to others.
I don’t understand why streets are full of cars all the day, oppositely to Europe.
Why are all the shops made to sell food only? No libraries; no good gardens, nothing normal !!!
What’s more is that I can’t explain also all these Chinese living in Algeria.
Whose country is this? Theirs or ours
It’s strange also that people pretend being Muslims but they behave in an intolerant way.
It’s really for me a cultural chock! It’s what I couldn’t understand and for sure what I’ll never deal with.
This is our society, in fact.
I find everything in it so opposite to a normal life, especially these murders killing people for no reason and pretending that they are Muslims.
Consequently, the world sees our habits and behavior as eccentric ones.
They aren’t wrong; even me I think so.

I may keep talking for hours, telling you how surprised I feel when I remember during the evening all the inexplicable things I meet every day.
This is was a general view of it, of a world that I seriously still don’t understand.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I've realized....

In the last months, I've realized manythings that I didn't know before.

I've realized that life is too short.

you can lose someone in few seconds, so better is to tell him today what he really means to you.
I've realized that after your parents no one will love you purely and sincerly, just for the one you are without looking for benefit from you, so if you lose them.. your life will simply be dark.
they are the creatures that you can never replace.

I've realized that always the ones you love don't love you back or let you down when you need them. these are rules of love: pains; tears and injuries that never cure.

I've realized that even time can't make you forget the ones you badly wanted in your life.

success in studies, work, and all material things can make you happy for few seconds but this happiness will quikly disappear because you don't have your loved ones to share it with you.

I've realized that being too sensitive doesn't bring you anything else except disappointment, because you do your best, and you get attached to poeple who consider you as an option in their life while they represent the whole world for you.

Ive realized also that whatever you do to get something, what you will get is simply what GOD the biggest decided that it is yours.
Fate brings people to our lives, but their sincerity and care decide who should stay and who sould go.................

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I've been living in this world for long years...Exactly 20 years.
During all this time, I met what we call friends, I trusted my self sometimes and gave up things other times. I did crazy things for some people and I didn't care abou others, I loved sincerly, I gave the best of the best I could have just to show my honesty and sincerity. I've never hurt someone's heart and I 'm proud of this. I'm sure no one cried all the night because of me, as I did because of others, I've been cheated on many times in order not to say 10000 of times.

My disappointment reached the top of its limits.
But today is another day, after realizing all these things I just understood that the best way to be ok is to be lonely
Tears when they come will have a meaning in this way. You'll see that you cry because you are alone and not because someone betrayed you.
looking back , you don't find any explanation to people's behaviour.
you'll be even surprised!! how comes? cheater live a big happiness and true lovers, true friends..... are just suffering from the injuries of life.

You regret all your sacrifices, all your love, all your trust, all your pains, all your innosence .......
you'll feel sorry for all the mediocre actions of hurt that your loved ones caused you.

that's why.... I see that being lonely is just a way to be safe and live relax, even though I know that life without friends is like turkish tea without sugar.

you don't find anyone to whom you can open your heart and talk when you feel down, you don't find anyone to go shopping with you, no one to laugh with and and and .......

the world is just too complicated ................

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It was an awful day of the last summer!!!!
these small creatures made me very tired.
I had to stay with them all the day, as I was the monitor
I hold them on my back! I prepared for them what to eat.
and add to all of this, I had to play with them!

any way, these are children.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I've always wondered who can be the person I may turst and count on her whenever I need help, advice, or simply to talk and feel better.
as long as Ive been looking for the answer, I didn't find it till I sat one day alone in my room and thought deeply from my heart.
I looked to my friends' pictures, email, phone numbers....... and I finally understant that the only one who will always be here for me is simply ME

I remember the days when I felt down, sad, or just needed to talk and used to call my friends.
I remember these moments because I was realizing that everyone runs for his own benefit, and aftet your parents, there is no one who will love you sincerly and dedicate all his time for you.

I realized that friends are people who like spending time with you when you are in good mood.
but you are always present for yourself when you aren't good.
Ive realized also that GOD "my allah" is always here to help you, no matter how big is your problem.
he waits for your prayers to rescue you, so why do you ask people for help then?
you can't imagine how many times i felt bad in myself and how many times I 've got disappointed at people I could do all the crazy things for them. But there is onething I can never forget: my Allah was here and helped me

Be strong, never let someone make you feel down, and believe that even if all people leave you, your God will always be here.

The birthday of my Spanish teacher ERNESTO.

it was a very nice day, we went all out for a lunch, we 'd searched long time before we found a small restaurant where to eat.

We first, wanted to go to the Lebanon restaurant but it was all full :(:(:(

Even though the food wasn't that good ( I remember that I didn't eat anything from it, uggggg!!!!!) It was a wonderful moment, just all people speaking Spanish and chatting.

coming back to the institute of spanish, we went to the garden with the cake.

the other teachers joined us and it was great.

they saw the Algerian gifts we brought for him: Djelaba, dolls, saharian things....

myself, I bought him a plate and small Shisha (argil)

during the courses, he knew that I liked it too much so when he saw it he started laughing.

we took photos, discussed, of course ate the cake .

nothing is more beautiful than growing with all your loved ones around you, thiking of you, making you happy

and this what happened to Ernesto

espero que todos tus dias sean maravillosos!