Saturday, July 16, 2011

Honor is what you can not have.

Sometimes, when nothing goes well around me, I sit alone to remind myself how lucky I am to feel better as soon as I remember God.
Few days ago, before going through an expected hard situation I posted on my statue a message that translated my deepest believes of today.
I have one alliance: myself and one supporter: God and it is much more than enough to succeed.
I believe in God, and If I didn’t I would have for sure been more miserable than this.
I believe in fate, in humanity, in wealth, in Allah’s tests to see how resistant and strong we are.
I believe also in all what he has made of his humans. I know that we commit mistakes because if we didn’t, he would have replaced us by other humans who will do that.
I know also that we tend to do great things to gain his love, or to gain other people’s love.
In this same context, we do also act in devilish ways that do not leave a complete negative impact.
Sometimes, it is from the injuries caused to us by others that starts the real joy of our lives. So who is the loser?
I have talked in my previous articles about jealousy. I myself have this feeling that I do manage on my own way or may be, I do use inside of me in order to get what I want legally
I do not consider myself as the most intelligent or beautiful girl in this universe but yet, I am surrounded by some kinds of undesired creatures that I wish God will keep away from me. Since couple of years, I start to feel annoyed by people’s jealousy which is complicating my life for no reason.
I personally have never been against doing bad things to achieve personal goals even though it is not my value in this short and endless life.
However, what astonishes me is when it is done stupidly.
What I mean is that when we want to cause pains to anyone we should make sure that the three conditions are united:
Our action won’t bereturned against us
We will reach a long term goal where the other person will be completely affected and will probably have no way to stand up and face us again.
And the most important: we won’t appear without values and lose our honor in people’s eyes.
So if one of them is not achieved, you will only consolidate your enemy’s position and give him enough strength to fight more and more.
What was done to me hurt me deeply. I do not deny it. I am human after all.
But seeing these people with no dignity and no honor and realizing that they couldn’t hurt me enough to break my entire moral health makes me and makes the entire society see them so small with a meaningless existence.
This pain is for sure a beginning of a new challenge in my life and more success that will be my way to respond to you.
Till I make it come true, I wish them a nice time inside their dishonor and mediocrity.