Saturday, May 31, 2008

A scene from the movie: Braveheart

With his resolute blue look, he stood up on the cart. The horses were dragging it slowly. Thousands of people were there around him, all shouting, spluttering at his face, they were bellicose, throwing all what they could find at him just to be cruel and hurt his feelings.

You can read in the eyes of every one the big envy they had to eradicate him. You just ask yourself; do they really hate him that much?
I doubt it, yes, because he has the purity and the courage in his looks.
When the cart was going on its way, I saw him not caring about anyone. He was in another universe, like if his soul had already been taken somewhere else.
Finally, he arrived to the scene, and which scene? The scene of death, where he had to show for the last times his courage and bravery.
He came down from the carriage and went near to the platform.
Here………I don’t really know what can the one of us feel when he sees such strong determinate eyes facing everything and everyone without fears.
All people there stopped talking and shouting, when he was near to death.
You wonder where their anger is. Weren’t they all pugnacious?
They stayed silent, just staring at him, unable to pronounce a word.
Two men came and attached him with a thread from his hands and his feet.
After that, they started stretching him. What an awful of a torture it was.
The commander was besieging him to believe in his cause, but he refused even thought he was deeply hurt and extremely wounded.
His injuries wouldn’t have any sense if he followed them and gave up his thoughts.
Some of his friends were around, hiding their faces, looking at him. I guess they were really sorry for not being able to do anything.
The commander gave him a second chance to take his breath and think again.
He persisted on his believes, he wasn’t a simple combatant and kept being strong in front of the hostile law.
After they tortured him a second time, they asked him the ultimate question to give up and obey
I could understand that he was enough proud and brave to keep on walking on the same way till the end.
It was time for the execution.
He looked to all people, in his visual imagination saw for the last time a small child, symbol of innocence and purity and shouted with all what he has as force: FREEeeeDOMmmmmm!
Silence reigned, he is dead! His tight hand disappeared, his fingers were totally opened and the small white handkerchief felt down.
I could read sadness in their looks, like if they are regretting his death. Surely they were.

His friends after that decided to continue defending the same cause.
And here, a wonderful big scene of fight appears!
Two groups, two enemies, both looking at each other ……………. That was the last seconds before the plunge…….

the last book I read in French.

the main idea of it for me, was the fact that everyone of us has to go deep inside his heart to find the real feeling

it exists in everyone's heart but to find it , u gotta make efforts for that.

it's not by making wrong ideas and believing in them that u find the truth.

this is the first book I read in French.

I still remember till now the nice and human story , it was talking about

after Dr March left his daughter and wife, the girls did their best to take care of their mom

It shows the courage, the challege that these young girls have taken to make life happy and nice till their father comes back.

Friday, May 30, 2008

love and grief

Love, this great feeling that makes everyone dream.
This feeling that gives faith, courage, determination and force.
and its grief..... the most horrible feeling we can never feel.
the one that destroys, hurts, kills,..... what can I tell more than this?
I've always heard about love when I was a teenager, I used to laugh at people crying for it
I was so sure that it doesn't exist.
I was wrong!!!
I've realized it , yea.
I have understood that love is the oxygen of the heart, it is what makes you wanna fly
don't laugh at me, it is true.
with all its innocence and purity , it is the food of the spirit
When i talk about love, I don't mean only love toward the opposit sex as relationships only but I talk in general
u can love ur mom, dad, friends, .....
I do admit it, love is beautiful but ......... grif of love, aren't they so hard?
Don't you feel that all your world is broken whe someone betrays you or simply hurt you for no reasons.
If you don't do ,then me I do.
it is too awful to spend nights crying, to give up all your dreams, to feel depressed, to stop making efforts just because someone who doesn't really know what is love , hurts you and leaves you with your tears so cruely.
that's why; we all gotta love sincerly, honestly, and innocently so that we never regret
God always rewards the sincere person
and take care of the ture LOVE

The new version of Sandrila's story

When the young Sandrila was doing the house work
She heard a voice and saw someone trying to lurk
She started to shout
And asked him to go out
The magician (very afraid) quickly came
And implored her not to blame
Sandrila ( very surprised) asked him:
how do you know my name?
With a naughty voice he explained her that she doesn't have to think
and put between her hands a dress in pink
Sandrila:"ahhhh ......what is it for?"
"It's really the kind of clothes I adore"
magician:"don't you know? the prince is looking for wife"
hahahah , i know my news always cut like a knife.
Again, he begged her to attend
the party which will be during the weekend
Sandrila, happy to get this chance
Decided to take it and go to dance.
When she arrived there
All people started looking at her
The cameras were ..."tchak, tchak, tchak" in pictures taking her
When the prince saw
lady Sandrila, he forgot the law
That after midnight,he couldn't stay awake.
But he commited the mistake
and danced till he felt asleep
Sandrila couldn't keep
her anger inside her
she tought a bit, and noticed that there is something she could do
she removed her glassy shoe
and hitted the prince
on his head appeared something blue
Sandrila laughted and said:
"you can't imagine how happy I am
I have passed the exam
because I didn't lose my shoe on the strairs
and I arrived with the two pairs
I finally got this guy
so I've to tell you now goodbye"

written by zahra
may 2008
The superb Lina!!!!!
This is Mohammed's bithday cake; u c how small it is !!!!!!!!!!

The summer of 2007; wonderful time it was ....I love the sea
This picture reminds me too many beautiful things
it is a view from a building in Istambul (Turkey)
u just notice that nothing goes when memories are here
u gotta close ur eyes and think of the nice time, it is always in everyone"s mind and thoughts
well...I think it stills in my heart but not in other poeple's mind

whenever i look at it, i remember the great summer i spent
yes, because i got it during the summer!!
I remember someone very expensive
someone I liked more than any other thing in this world
but because it is white and black, it reminds me the big pain I felt when I lost the person Iwas ready to fight for .
this is just how life goes, it doesn't keep the ones u love and care about beside you, never the ones you hate further way

A meal in a traditional old house in Algeria
My wonderful cousin Omar in Spain
Lina's birthday

This is Islam with traditional Saoudian clothes
The naughty Mohammed

babies and kids

my cute Doua with Mohammed
children, the most innocent creature is this world, I just love them
Two girls wearing a traditional "Djeba Fergani" and the boy wearing "Barnouss"

this is my cute Lina

this is Rachell

this one is the traditional Karakou

Baha wearing straditional sd
Tarboush (on his head)

Ice cream, all an art

these pix are taken from the first book of ice cream i bought
it reminds me the nice time when i was studying cooking and preparing cakes and dishes