Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reports of my training

I started training, thinking that I was going to learn new things about the hotels management.
From the beginning, I realized that I was wrong.
When I reached the restaurant and the main waiter started telling me about the French; and Russian service, I was laughing, because these are things I know better than him.
I could even teach him a new thing that he didn’t want to believe; which is that there are three cups we put on the table: for water, for red wine, for white one.
Also I made a comment about the presentation of his tables, in which the second fork on the left was the wrong one and he got to change it.
I have learnt other things, meeting people in general non Arabic; people with hearts, faithful to their families, loving their kids, their friends, people with very high moral values
And it is not a small thing, when it comes from people in the tourism industry, as the whole of the world think we are people who churn.
I’ve been in touch with clients, something that I didn’t have the right to do.
Still that my thoughts about customers were right.
Europeans were simply too Europeans. They come, ask for something to eat with no over dose, take a coffee and leave.
The Arabic ones, in the other side, ask for all the present meals to leave half of his plates full.
This is eating with eyes, or what I call “living to eat, not eating to live”
There would be billion of stories that I want to share you, from the funniest to the most tiring one.
Let me start with that day in which I served a Chinese and an Algerian one, in somehow, a business lunch.
Too much fun, The Chinese got to pay at the end, and I am sure that the Algerian one was looking for his own benefit.
I do understand why my blood is not Arabic.
What surprised me more is the Algerian lady who was impolite with my college because he couldn’t afford her a white wine, as she got to go to the bar to take it
The best experiences I had were
The one with the German couple , an old man of about 50 years old taking , be careful my friends a big care of his blind wife even feeding her at the coffee shop.

All what I did , was to stop working and looking at them for a very long period, till my boss hit my head asking me to wake up.
One other , was the day I met the Palestinian and Egyptian sirs, too old wonderful people.
I remember, the Palestinian one asked for tea and coffee, I started by giving a coffee
And he was like……. Na na na girl!
We start by tea, :d
The Egyptian one was the funniest, he was sitting at the last table, and from there asked for sugar.
I didn’t understand him. So I went to him
He said: ok girly, you gotta choose between giving me some sugar or putting ur sweet fingers inside my cup so it’ll be sugary.
Actually, I still hard to flatter but took it as course in flirting, who knows I may need it one day to attract :d:d
Tomorrow, I’ll be finishing my training and I’ll enjoy this day till its end.
I’ll disturb again the Turkish ones, as I did today
I taught one of them how we say “ tea” in Arabic and he gave me the same word in Turkish.
I guess, our last meeting will be full of jokes.
Oopps, forgot to tell you one thing.
My grand mother can’t understand how can I be training to learn how to serve people.
For her, that’s a shame for a good house girl( not wife) not to know how to prepare a nice breakfast.
For sure, I’ll be completing this story for you
Till that time,
I thank my friends for reading and thank all people who shared me these nice moments during these days

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My last day at the coffee shop

the kitchen, production area

The last beautiful cakes!!! heheheheheh

Friday, December 26, 2008

the 3rd day

my plate after finishing it! heheheheheh; sorry but I was too hungry

THe 3rd day

the menu of the day

The presentation of the menu of the day

Pictures of the snack , coffee shop

The 1st day

the view from the hotel, the swiming pool

the buffet for the self service

Mille feuilles


Cake with kernel


cake with lemon