Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ps: I miss you all

11 PM. Frankfurt Airport.
Plane missed, while waiting for the next flight planned 8 hours later, I sat on the floor in an empty transit space. There was nothing or should I say “no one” around. I switched on my laptop and put the song of (let me go home).
Mostly, when I travel and listen to it, I love to go back to my country. I start missing my mum’s smile, my closest friends, and even the dirty streets of the old Casbah in Algiers.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me this time. In couple of seconds, I found my tears coming down like if I was facing the end of the world then I had two extreme and opposite feelings. I was firstly relieved because I could finally “cry” since during all the goodbye moments, I couldn’t feel it and it stressed me out to think for a second that my sensitivity is not reacting. Then I started to feel terrible. The 6 days training of Beirut were over. The mates with whom I spent an incredible week full of diversity, learning, share, exchange, support, jokes and love were no longer beside me.

You’d tell me that in couple of days, these feelings will calm down. It might be true and that’s why I am translating now to tell to these nice, crazy, sweet, helpful, caring, loving and special people my heart’s beatings for their superb friendship that I will hold inside me for sure longer than the week we spent together.