Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have met people…

I have met people…
I have met people whose worry is how many plates they will eat per day. Full bellies are essential
I have met people whose worry is how much they gain at the end of the month by making others work for them. Illegal Benefit is a testimony of cleverness.
I have met people whose worry is how to do to wake up early to have enough time to spend it in front of the mirror. Appearance matters.
I have met people who have equations in their lives with one variable: themselves. There is ego and then all the rest.
I have met people who want wealth, beauty, and fame at once. Perfection exists.
I have met people who make others pay for their mistakes. Making guilty justifies the failure.
I have met people who when they believe in something they spend three quarter of their life convincing you that impossible is nothing but when it’s your turn to have your believes, they would stand telling you nothing is possible. All opinions are governed by one mind.
I have met people who are in online mode when they are in need, and then once it’s done, they turn to offline. In “Friends for benefit” there’s still the word “friend”.
I have met people who think that when they harm you they succeed their goals. Jealousy is the first key of success ;)
Then I have met people who spend their time trying to block the process of life while life is going on. To grow, stop the growth of others.
If you are having a hard life because you do not share such invaluable values then BE HAPPY!
Your matter is not before and isn’t in. it’s for after…
Because only matters what God thinks

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


1st October.
What a crazy world ! it’s my dad’s birthday and guess what reminded it to me.
Yeah! It’s the fake facebook page that I created a year ago for him that notified me about it.
My dad is 49 today. He has for sure white hair by now and some lovely creatures playing with it….and I can only be so glad for him.
This was my first concession on planet earth. Probably the hardest thing in life that I am quite convinced of its goods by now. This is how I answered the question: “could we love someone more than ourselves?” By a YES!
One of the most precious things that God have gifted me beside my smiley face is this weird feeling that happiness is felt when your loved ones are happy. I was trying all the time to do it, but I was faced by failure so many times. From here, I stopped to understand what was wrong with me and I learnt something new.
When you care for someone, it isn’t always right to be beside him, his life goes on without you. Life might go better without you. In this case, if you truly care, let it go.
By now, I bet very few people really see what the moral of life is. Very few are those who wouldn’t care about how much they gain, what will they take for diner, how much do the colors of their clothing match, how perfect is the person they are with, and how many selfish achievement will they make running away from death and hoping their lives gets longer. But once you do it, you will understand that you might be happy without making your own “you” happy.