Monday, November 29, 2010

PS: I love you

I am not sure of knowing the real reason that make people fight for life. Is it power, wealth, knowledge, love, or something else?
I am not sure of anyone of them but I am quite convinced that whatever they could be, they are for sure different from mines, and here my story starts.
In his book: “The world as I see it”, Einstein said: “ We exist for those on whose smiles and welfare all our happiness depends”. The day I read it, then looked at people around me, I realized that this deep sense of life is just like his riddle, that 98% of the population of the world wouldn’t understand.
I remember myself, couple of months ago. I was still student full of hopes and dreams. At that time, my vision about life was too scary. Losing was one of the words that I could do anything to avoid it.
This fear made me unable to take any step in my personal life and professional career even though I have always known that I was able and I could, with the motivation and ambition that I have, reach up to the sky.
In the middle of these feelings, I didn’t realize that I was about to live the biggest experience of my entire life.
A winter day of a sweet November, a random meeting that leaded to a pure friendship, moments of laughter and joy, so many crazy situations, strongly trusted feelings and wonderful sense of share .
It was the beginning of a sweet story, that unfortunately came to end. An end that ended every gentle feeling of trust inside of me forever.
I have known the meaning of sacrifices, which is basically doing what we don’t want to do or we can’t do, because we just have to do it and because it is the only way to save some people’s smile.
On this way, I have done a lot. I have done what went completely against my personality and my spirit and I told myself: you will be the winner because you will die remembering smiles you have drawn, not hearts you have broken.
I don’t know where my way of thinking will lead me to, I don’t if my principles are the right ones on this planet.
Today, I truly believe that all relationships between people have an expiry date, and what hurts more isn’t the end, or the loose but the feeling that what we have believed in wasn’t that true.
It’s this total conviction that we build a wrong image to someone and we refuse to see the reality even when all the world around us is trying to help to over come it.
I am today someone new, someone who can smile whatever happens.
The traffic jump of Algiers doesn’t annoy me. I walk under the rains and I don’t complain.
I eat anything that I like just to have the energy to crunch life and get the best of it.
I don’t give a shit to people’s opinions when they try to touch my personality.
I am just too optimist without anything and that’s actually my true victory against the pains.
I bet that once trust is lost there is no way to get it back and I am so sorry for those who lost mine.
but any way, this is just how life goes…
And as I always say: the best challenge in life isn’t about reaching its aims in life but it is about reaching them without causing damages around us.

I thank all of you for reading.

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