Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From life


How strange you are.

You are always changing, giving us new feelings, new experiences, new dreams, new hopes

and same time you bring new people, you take other loved ones.

Once done, you don't really forget the loved ones as you don't love the new coming ones

that's sure, the first time is never like the other ones.

The father is the man of ur life, all the others are men in your life

The first love is the voice of your heart, the others are people loving you who you can't trust.

the first pain you get is a lesson, the others are tests asking you: did you learn from the lesson.?

Realize that most of the time; you spend the half of ur life afraid of getting hurt and the other half hurting people

you may cry for not getting what you wanted from the first attempt forgetting that somewhere else some other poeple don't have anything to eat, no where to spend the night.. so Just be happy with what you have and never give up making efforts.

You will sure, succeed one day.

Just be sure that what you don't get quickly or what you loose doesn't mean that you are bad

it may simply mean that you deserve better or that being patient will bring you best things.

That's why, I keep on smiling

same you should do

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