Friday, September 26, 2008

My thoughts

26th of september was the first day of new period.

It's in the Islamic calender the best day of the year

The rain was really nice, I took a big pleasure looking at it from my window.

I thought again about many things. About the world, people, about the poor children, about the sick ones.

I thought about the ones sleeping without food while I had thousand of plates to taste everyday.

and I thought also about the ones who don't sleep at all, Just because they are too hangry, because they are feelin cold and they don't have a house, they don't have enough clothes, or don't have fire.

I thought also about feelings and values; just like dignity, honesty, purity, friendship, help, truth, or simply Love

I stopped at the last one and asked myself many questions:

I asked myself why is the great lover always betrayed?

why is it hard to live without your loved ones?

why can't you love again once you get hurt?

and my biggest question is why can't we cure ourselves and stand up again?

It seems crazy but I feel day by day that the world is running after things that it can't get without love, Ignoring its purity makes all of us lost

May be living just to live, to get money, to build, to eat and to forget about the others

to forget about the poor, the sick, the sad, the depressed, the helpless ones.

My words today for all the world are a request for a clean pure life, for respect to the human values, for care and share
That's how we can make of this life, a better one.

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