Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hamid... you were great and you'll stay great...


Few days ago, my school lost a great man. The only one defending always students, helping them, doing all his best to make the students happy all the time

His death wasn't the first death of someone I know and respect a lot.

It was again another event that makes me think of death, of loose

Another event telling me: look! this person is here today but it's not sure you'll meet her tomorrow.
It's another lesson from Allah to push people to be sincere and nice with eachother, to live the present moment ans share it with good thoughts, to take care of our loved ones coz once dead, your love won't bring them any benefit
with ur precious ones, don't miss any second of happiness
tell them all what you think about them
how much you love them
how great your life is beside them
Don't keep all of these things inside you, for sure you'll regret the fact of not telling it after they die.
Be yourself,
Be honest
Be caring
Life is short but LOVE is big..................

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