Sunday, May 10, 2009

A year had gone...

The 10th of may 2009
A funny day!
Being the representative of my class, it is my job to tell them about every single thing that happen concerning our studies.
Today, as always, I stood up in front of all of them waiting that the non civilized ones shut up to let me talk. Once done, I explained them the new time table and finished as always asking if someone needs more explanation or if anyone got a question.
Suddenly, one of my colleges called me pretending that he wants to ask.
Of course, my reply was obvious and asked him to go ahead
My friend: would you marry me?
Me: send your mom to talk to mine and we’ll see.
The teacher: do you want me to buy the rings for both of you? Back to studies before I send both of you out.
I know, it is quit silly but it made all of us, the 130 students, laugh.
In 5 days, I’ll have finished the D.E.L.E exam.
In 8 days, I’ll have presented my project of menus.
And in 10 days, I’ll have reached 21 years old.
My birthday is always an important day in my life. Not because I get older but because it is what allows me to compare my style life during one year.
And I think that this year I can be quit proud of myself because I made some challenges come true.

My list of challenges is still on my wall and I feel so happy for being able to mark many ones of them as done.
It is still too long but I am sure that I’ll reach one day the 90 per 100 of the needed success to live happy.
This year, I hardly believe that it is very important for me to go to Istanbul. I am sure I will do it. “With the help of God”
In my wallet, oppositely to all my friends, the only pictures there are the new ones of me with some white hair that has already started decorating the dark brown color I have.
My mother pictures are also present and they are my reason to smile.
Dearest friends, don’t expect me to have any masculine photo. This is not me!
For the coming years, I wish to succeed in my career and my studies
I wish to make my mother happy
And I wish that what I have inside my heart can finally grow with while I am doing so.
my last word is :)

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