Thursday, May 7, 2009


The first day of May, probably the worst month in my whole year.
Exams are waiting for me, school is making me extremely busy and I can hardly get some time to relax and have fun.
Actually, I am getting no time for that.
Holidays, I wish if I could be in holidays. I wish if I could get some time to take my passport and go somewhere else.
This is my feeling when the drop overflows the vase.
What is for the name of God the mistake that is making the whole of my system going on the bad way?
In my last exposition during the Spanish course, a student asked me how we should do to control the aggressiveness of children.
My answer started with three Spanish words that made my teacher very astonished: el por qué de las cosas, which means: the causes of things.
My friend knows well that I have published before an article in Spanish talking about that.
I think that from all the mistakes I have committed and all the experiences I have lived, the only ones that I couldn’t forget are the ones for which I couldn’t find the cause, the element managing them, the reason that made me make them and act that way.

May be I still didn’t understand the world as well as I think that I understood it.
Anyhow, my analyses are still going, and while they are doing so, I ask myself:
Is it true that the Arabic word: انسان(human being) means that we are made to forget things ?
If it is true then why can’t we forget the events that seem to be somehow marking in our existence whether in the bad or the good sense?
I am still having billion of questions that for sure I won’t be able to work out any reply for them, because doing so means that I would have understood the whole of the system of planet earth and this is the key of the happiness.

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