Friday, February 18, 2011

PS: I love you

Rains and cold have covered the emotions of my day.
From the window, I never have the same view, but from my thoughts, I assure you that I always do.

And when the four seasons went and came, when the sun shined above all people’s hearts; I realized that while love was considered as not enough for some people, yours would have overflowed my soul if you didn’t take your hand away from mine.

The words of the entire kingdom of sensitivity, the poems, the legendary love stories combined to my coward letters that I could never gave to you, aren’t enough to tell you how much happiness I wish you with what you have chosen.

I am sorry because all I could do was to love you and I guess love wasn’t enough for you.
Promise me, from this furthest land in which you are, to be happier than what I wanted to make you.

Promise me to smile and keep it on your lips for a while.
Promise me to make your eyes shine again …I am sure that your feelings are plain, this is just how you can gain…

Promise me to work hard to succeed, and tend your hand to others when you need …to be helped..
Promise me not to throw our dreams away and make them come true, someday.
Promise me to give without counting, as I have done with you.
Promise me to forget about me soon and fill the space with more alive memories of your future.

Promise me that when loneliness involves my buried heart, when the whole world will ignore the pure words coming straight from my eyes, you will be there to read proudly my last lines with care and strongly believe that despite my clumsiness I loved you in time when love was considered as not enough for some people to which you belong.

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