Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The 24th of december, another day just too different from the previous one
Again; I was back home by the end of the evening, I prayed, took my coffee to fix my mood and opened my laptop.
I thought of my day, this time, I felt proud.
I felt proud of myself for the great choice of religion I made
I felt proud to be Muslim:
Because my religion taught me that humanity is a rule in life
That a smile is a positive small action which makes me get rewards: my Allah’s love and people’s appreciation.
That praying 5 times a day is like taking five baths a day means simply that my soul is always clean.
That fate is the destiny of Allah, and he is the one who knows what the best is for me.
He may take something from me today, and replace it by a better one tomorrow.
That alcohol isn’t a drink, it is the easiest way to death and accidents while driving, it is the destruction of the mind, why to do so? While, even depressed I can fix myself using my intelligence.
That helping others doesn’t mean I am trying to show myself or to get people’s attention, it simply means I am human and the word mercy is part of my religion.
That food is what we use to live, not what we live for.
That telling the truth is the only way to be confident and feel relax.
That we fast during Ramadan to feel what poor people face daily
That giving Zakat is not spending our money , it is helping others in need, and it may seem crazy, but Allah always replace our Zakats by other things, so we never feel that we gave something and didn’t get anything back.
That Dou3a is the words we communicate to allah with, it is what makes the heart feel better.
That there is no difference between people, no difference between black and white, rich and poor, beautiful and less attractive, Arabic and other races, except in one thing, the good and the bad you do.
That not having sex till marriage doesn’t mean I am not open minded, it simply means that with a total conviction, I love to share one of the most beautiful thing in this world with one person for all my life, and give birth to children with the right person, what is more, don’t doctors now ask people to keep faithful to one partner to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, so wasn’t my religion the first one to think of that?

That we are all brothers and sisters and our basic rules are; help,
And love.

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