Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy ...Because

Back home this evening, after a long day of work ; I stayed in my room just like any other night and started thinking of all what I have been doing
I had a surious feeling of happiness.
Yea, believe me
I was happy:
Because I know Allah loves me for the one I am
Because I don’t have sisters to share me my room
Because at 20, I speak four languages, cook very well and have a big mind
Because my hair color has always been dark, I have never changed it to become blond
Because I made a child smile today
Because with no money, no high class in the society, I am sure , I will be able to give a lot to the world, simply using my best wealth “my heart”
Because I still have shining eyes with purity and innocence
Because I knew Ayham, and he is my best friend and even though no one believes me, I truly love him
Because Phil didn’t do something bad he was planning to do, just after reading my simple posts
Because I never hurt someone‘s feelings
Because, even if deeply depressed, I always find a reason to stand up again
Because my blood is not totally Arabic! I have some Turkish cellules
Because the last time I received a compliment, it didn’t cost me more than a smile to get it, make up is not my way of attracting
Because I challenged myself this month in different things, and I got all of them.
Because I love myself as I am and for no reason, I’d change it
Because honesty and sincerity are basic things in my life, I don’t need to make efforts to get them, they are already in my blood.
Because I believe in true love, even though I have never met it, just for one reason: I am a true lover
Because opposite to billion of people, I have objectives in life, and even if I can’t accomplish them, I will find others to replace them

Because I am organized and good in managing
Because today was my first day of training and I didn’t say my last word, they will see surprising things the coming days
Because I am Chinese in the life style and I really like it, red and black are my passionate colors
Because I am sure, I’ll go to Istanbul in few time inchalah
Because I love roses and I don’t find that it is a waste of money to buy them for the ones we love.
Because I got an intelligent idea to flatter Ayham for his coming birthday
Because I am simply different, and I love my difference and no matter what would the world think of me, I will keep being happy.

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Phil Marx said...

Well, as it turns out, my bad deed was only delayed. But hey, that's a start! Maybe the new year will bring me new strength to forgoe even more bad deeds.

And no, even though the bad deeds I speek of are small, I won't tell you what they are. :)

Have a Merry Cristmas Zahra