Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A conversation (2)

What a day, darling !
I think that prince is luckier than me sleeping in your arms.
You became so attractive, did I tell you so?
Yes, yes, yes.. I know I did, so I should stop repeating it.
I wanted to ask you if the weather was sunny today, over there.
Actually, there is no need to reply my question. We’ll be together in the summer and it will be really sunny.
By the way, will we need to move to another city to go to the sea?
Bad idea. Lets forget about the sea then. The bridge there is more interesting.
I miss you big.
You don’t believe me! Come on, come on, come on.
Who told you that I got a new boyfriend?
Oh no, darling! That one you are talking about is my small bear that I sleep with.
(laughs) (laughs).
Oh my god! You still have the same laugh of a shy guy.
Anyhow, I know the naughty one you are.
My training is between the 13th June and the 27th July. I wish it could end before.
I forgot to tell you that I got the worst mark en English. Funny isn’t it?
Don’t blame me! I know you taught me well, but the teacher is stupid and I can’t manage it.
Lets change the topic and talk about a less depressing thing from those happening to me during my day.
I think of you every second.
I think that… I think that my mind, my heart and my feelings integrate you in each one of the actions of my day.
I find it so sweet to try to see the world, after a tiring long hard day, through your eyes.
I don’t doubt that if we were together right now, I would have found the courage for my DELE exam.
I would have met the faith making me stand up after every hard and painful step.
You make me dream while I make you smile and between the friendship and the passion, I got lost many times.
I won’t make of the present situation a big deal, just like the subject of you master degree which started by: diffusion of ..of an acid.
I don’t even remember its name. civil engineers, you are unique all over the world.
As long as I go, I wish that we keep representing for each other a nice memory, full of all the beautiful things that we shared.
For you, for me, for what used to be our common dream, I dedicate these words that I sincerely hope won’t be erased by time.
It is 9:45pm, I offer you 15min of extra sleeping tonight.
Ooppps, I forgot to remind you that I still don’t like your curtains. Change them!

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