Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Number one..

I believe that there is one universe created by one God who is Allah. It has one moon, one sun and one solar system in which one planet human beings can live on.
We people have one father and one mother; we have one life on this planet. We have one mind, one mouth and one heart all in one body.
True love comes once in a life time. We all love to be the number one.
We also love to succeed from the first attempt.
We all dream and hope and when we fail we learn from the first mistake.
We will all die once and till death knock our doors, we curry on our daily tasks divided into two groups: the ones who dream and the ones who get what the others dream of.

We love billion of people who get inside and out of our lives leaving or taking their marks with them but there is only one who is planted deep in it forever: the first love.
Number one: this number that changed my vision to things around me.

Sometimes it draws a hope and in others it takes my smile. Between the happy and hard moments I remember my first steps, my first words with my dad, my first smile with my shining eyes, my first challenge, my first success, my first best friend that I am back to meet these days, the first beating of my heart, the first deceptions, the first time a teacher slapped me, the first time I cried for someone, the first time I had a tea talk, and first times are too numerous.

I don’t know what will tomorrow bring for me, I don’t know if I will be doing something new for the first time but I am quit convinced that each smile is made with our efforts, and new things come within work and beliefs.

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