Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Silent words.

Feelings of the heart.
Days are going and I still not feeling ready to stand up again.
It seems that the last events affected me more than what I have expected them to do.
2009 was this for me:
The accident of my uncle that left him half blinded.
The sickness of my grand father who is now unable to do anything alone.
My trip to France that turned to be a total disaster for my career.
The death of some of my relatives.
It was also: discovering the real face of my “best” friends.
It was: learning to live alone and to do every single thing by myself.
It was: discovering my limits, my capacities, my weaknesses, my wishes, the only person on this planet really loving me and caring for me.
It was also realizing that we can’t get from life all what except.
It was knowing that the decisions aren’t always mines, but when they are I have to take them and go to the end of my choices.
The first love is a total fake in our existence. It’s like a covered sky. You never know what is waiting for you on its other side but that you continue flying above it till you see with your own eyes that the best thing to do is to go back from where you have come.
Unfortunately, flog is always so heavy that covers the brightened way you draw with your feelings at the beginning of the battle.

2009 was also:
The intermediate certificate of Spanish.
My success at college.
My meeting with the great Indian lady who received me in Paris.
Getting closer to my mother.
Changing my hair cut.. HEHEHE. I don’t know if it counts.

Everything in life comes and goes. Happiness exists as long as you live it. What you can’t bring to yourself, no one will bring it to you.
No matter how successful is your life, there is always a fail somewhere which isn’t made to destroy your career but to remind you that you have always to work harder.
Love has no rules, be sure that as much as you love and care for someone, there is for sure someone else somewhere in this world who truly loves you and deserves your feelings.
Experiences are quit hard to forget, sometimes even impossible to erase but time is always here to cure all your pains. The only enigma is how long will it take?
Freedom, following the philosophy, isn’t total. There are always some elements above your powers to stand against you; no matter how hard you try. Destiny is one of them.

If you commit a mistake and you can’t correct it, then just don’t spend your life regretting it.
It has no sense.
I sincerely hope that the coming year will bring more beautiful things to my life and to everyone’s life all over the world.

Thank you for reading.

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