Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodbye trust

I am Zahra, and here is my story with “trust”
Few years ago, I took the bus. An old man was sitting just in front of me. He looked at me, I smiled. He said: my daughter, you have an angelic face.
I smiled again, I thanked him, and I said: his words are so trusted. Was I right? I don’t think so.

I had after that a friend, he asked me borrow him money, I trusted him, and I did.
I never got it back but I said: he is a friend, let us just not care…
Then I met a girl, she called me “best friend”. I was so affected..I said: she knows what she is doing, let us give her some trust.

Couple of weeks later, I went somewhere with other friends, I didn’t call her to come with me….She called and made me hear very disrespectful words.
Then I decided to buy a computer, I went to the shop. The guy was so religious; all his sentences were starting with the name of God. I said he deserves to be trusted. He sold me a machine that stopped working three months later and refused to refund me.

Then I went to university and had to prepare projects in groups. We divided the tasks… I said lets trust them and count on them to finish their parts. The day of the presentation nothing was ready.
Then I had a relative starting his own business in pastry. He asked for my help. I dedicated all my days long to teach him and lunch his business. I said: he is absolutely trusted.

Few times later, I was on a bed at hospital for a trauma caused by violent blows on my head. He was responsible.
Then I met a boy. He told me:” I am different from all people you know…I will always be right there for you”…I loved him, and said who else except this one deserves my trust?

From that day, I didn’t hear from him.
I took the bus. An old lady told me: you have such nice eyes. I told her: you still can find much better
Then I met someone, she said: we are best friends. I told her: I don’t deserve to be trusted. I am a selfish one, so be aware
I went to a shop to buy something. The guy said: it is a good product. I replied: don’t add a word, I am a better marketer.

Someone asked me to borrow her money. I said: I will give you the half of what you need, because I don’t want it back.
I met a boy. He told me: you have the most beautiful smile never seen.
I told him: your vocab needs some updates.
I might get experience, from what life inflects to me. I might learn more. I might suffer and feel better. I might know who my friends are; I might get my heart back as I might not

But I am sure..No one will get my trust…. As long as I am alive….
And this was my story with the trust.

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