Saturday, July 19, 2008

En the other world.....

· Everything is over now
· I can’t again allow
· My heart to dream
· Everything is just looking dark
· That’s how my days seem
· Since my eyes lost that spark
· I find it really hard to live,
· When I have nothing to give.
· All what I can do
· Is to look at you
· You are really great
· It’s true
· If only you could wait
· For me
· I’m sure that above the sea
· You and I will be free.
· I can’t find any way
· To reach Quickly that day
· When we’ll be as one
· So that I can feel that I’ve won
· My place in your heart
· of you I’ll be a part
· I know you are enough smart
· So you will surely start
· To read between my lines
· Feelings you’ll get are truly mines
· And your beautiful brown eyes
· Will show you that I’m not telling lies
· For you I’m dying
· I won’t give up trying
Till we meet in the other world


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