Monday, July 28, 2008


Day by day, I realize new things in that Big world I'm living in.
I can tell you that through writing, you discover yourself as you are in real.
Sometimes, you simply don't believe what you read.

Even if your world is full of people, you can feel really lonely, just because the one you most feel at ease with isn't one of the memebers forming this World.

It can happen that you hurt the ones you love just because you do too many things for them while they don't need anything from you, except your presence.

It's after losing things that you realize : you were crying for no reason, it simply wasn't yours and whatever you do it won't be... this is Fate and this is GOD's decision.

Sometimes, you lose faith and stop trusting great ones, just because miserable others betrayed you before... so now, you don't even have the force to think about trust again.

Always the ones you get attached to, leave quickly. It's a new lesson to prove you that the only one who doesnt leave you is the one who share your life, even this one can leave you one day
so build your life for yourself, never for others.

The hardest thing when you lose sth is the time you spend crying for it, yea it's not the pain itself that hurts, but the tears coming down for simple things.

Once your loved ones go, all the world will leave you alone. coz no one cares about the other till he feels same pain.

Life is too strange, live it and don't try to understand it

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