Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am trying..

I am trying.
I am trying to breath, to sleep, to smile, and eat.

I am trying to get back to my daily habits. Habits that I don’t know how I lost.

I am trying to fix myself because I know it is not going to fix me, and no one else will do.

I am trying to believe in something new after discovering that all my life has been a lie.

I am trying to find myself after I realized everything is lost.

I am trying to talk even when words don’t have any intelligent meaning.

I am trying to cheer up when I look into the mirror, may be this one looking back at me will do the same.

I am trying to be what I am supposed to be.

I am trying to forget what I had to keep away from my feelings since the beginning.

I am trying to forgive what I allowed others to cause me.

I am trying to handle with what I am not supposed to face.

I am trying to restart when there is no a beginning.

I am trying to dream when there are no dreams left.

I am trying and I hope to succeed, even if success isn’t what I need.

I am trying because trying keeps people’s heart beating and because trying is the only way to live.

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