Monday, August 9, 2010

A thought

I have started writing this article and I wasn’t knowing what should I exactly talk about..
I had a lot of free time recently but curiously, my inspiration was getting smaller and poorer.
I am so freaking lost with all what is going through my mind these days.
Since I graduated, I didn’t meet any good job opportunity and it is driving me sick. I am a very active person who can’t get used to have empty days with nothing to do.
I tried recently to join a new type of organization that takes care of kids, especially sick and abandoned ones. I am not sure of working for it for long time, but I met interesting opportunities to learn more about people, how they live, how they act, and how they hide their impurity.
Ramadan is coming and I am quite happy with that. It is my favorite month in the whole year. You really feel the sanity during it while fasting. I love the traditions that people all over the world adopt for 30 days.
I have already made a plan about some stuff that I want to accomplish on the religious plan… Hopefully, this will bring me up.
I have the feeling that the whole world is not ok this year. Whenever I read the news paper, I get chocked with a new disaster happening somewhere on this planet.
And I realize that my pains no matter how long, strong, serious, hard, hurting and important they are, there is somewhere else someone who is suffering much more than me.
I am discovering the real meaning of bravery since couple of weeks. I have the feeling that the true learning has just started for me.
After coming from my last trip I noticed that I have spent long time thinking that I learnt a lot, much more than my friends but all of this was false.
I am far away from what I have always called: “a view from the top”.
I am sure that life is still going to teach me more things. It will hurt me again, it will take my smile but I am enough brave to get it back.
It will disappoint the true person I am, and I will envy myself for that but not for long time for sure. My principals are too pure to bring me up as soon as I look at myself in the mirror and realize that this one in front of me didn’t cause any pain to anyone.
It will take my loved from my real world, but it would never take them from my heart.
It might take me from myself, but I will be back again, for sure 

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