Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have spent long years of childhood and teenage listening to men talking about women
Women are complicated; women don’t know what they want in life, women are weak, women are complicated, and women are hard to understand but if they took just one second of observation to gaze at themselves, judging it instead of judging others, they would have noticed that they deal with a worse life style.
In 22 years of life on this miserable planet called Earth, I have met billion of men. Each one was totally different from the other with his hair or skin color, his diplomas or affinities in life but they got all the same common way of thinking that is situated unfortunately at centuries of lateness on the scale of civilization.
I ended up realizing that men are the last creatures of God that I will understand. It was even the first time for me to give up my efforts of understanding them.
I am even quite convinced that the few women putting the rings find it impossible to understand the one sharing their daily life.
With men:
If you express your opinion then you are trying to take the controle
If you don’t, then you are a creature without personality
If you are too sincere then you are weak, if you aren’t then you have never been educated.
If you love then you are too stupid, if you don’t, you are a player
If you kiss then you are too easy to get, if you don’t: you are playing the hard one and it doesn’t really suit him.
When you tell about a secret to others: you are an idiot who doesn’t know what does privacy mean, when he does: he is just too tired and needs to talk about it with his friends.
He will spend years begging for your love, and if you show interests in him, he is no longer interested and this is the thing that I would never understand.
However, if you don’t, then be sure he will die for you… and you are telling me you aren’t complicated!!
If he cheats on you then he is a man, if you do then you deserve that he cheats on you…
If you don’t forgive him, then you are a woman without heart, but when he does the same, it is just his dignity and you have to accept it…
I still have billion of examples of this incredible behavior that my eyes got real tired of seeing in each corner of the planet and I am really sorry to realize that this is the reality of men.
I bet that the first principal of Sida prevention is the best way to reach a better level of happiness amongst these creatures: to forbear 

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IGBG said...

Not all men are the same, just like not all women are. I too fail to understand the mistery of men, but forebaring to me feels like missing on a opportunity... :)
I hope you soon meet the ones that are worth your time!!!