Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18th fev, What a day!

3pm exactly in my Swatch, I don't know why looking at it, I remember Swiss people.

May be, because they invented swatches to people who never have time.

I remembered also the previous day.

At that time exactly, I was back home after a lunch badly planned by someone who spent years waiting for me to take it with him.

Actually, the problem was not the fact that I was bored and tired after a long day at college, but because while sitting in front of him and looking at his eyes; I smiled for the wrong reason.

I smiled because my mind was telling me: hey girl! What if you were taking the same lunch with X or Y? would you act same way?

some replies are too obvious that even a blond, would get them.

My last personal message on facebook wasn't a mistake of tapying. Oscar Wilde said in it: "Some people cause happiness wherever they go, and some whenever they go".

It may be just a" feeling"produced by our attachment to people , as explained by scientifics

But somewhere, those who are special, are, wherever they go

Of course, when the heart talks, it is something else. Me, who doesn't have that great practical experience, I still can talk about the practico_theorical one, in which the two opposit sides ( practical, and theory) are equal.

In all of these things, a heart behaves just like the process of the rain. Long time of evaporation of water , well kept to form a wide cloud which will give a heavy rain for long time, but once it stops and you notice that you didn't take any benefit from it...then good luck to meet another cloud

AS much as you try to understand a human being heart, you won't get the exact way that its nerves work with.

But after.all of that..... Still that it is the beauty of the sweetest feelings and the stupidity of the opposit cathegory that make the world go, change, give, teach, help,.. eachone of us.

For those who made me happy , wherever they were, I'd like to say that yesterday, I really wished to be with you.

And for these who make me stop taking the pain killer for my headache whenever they go, I'd also like to say thank you.

Each part of what I lived was a great experience that made of me one of these who are too proud of being meant by the first part of Oscar's famous quotation.

thx for reading.

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