Saturday, February 28, 2009

A banal day

7 :20am
In the road from my house to my school, there was no other noise, except the one of my brown shoes.
I met again the same faces.
The first neighbor waiting for his kids in his car
The second one in her balcony, already started cleaning.
The other one next to her door with her small daughter was waiting for someone to pass and take her to school.

As always, they commented about me J I realized it when I heard the small girly saying:”… brown trousers…”. I looked at my legs, oh yea. I recognized myself.
Inside all this routine, I wondered if these people are having the same banal life like me.
I wondered if because we meet daily in the same situation, this simply means that nothing new is happening in our lives.
And I wonder, if may be not meeting them once; would mean that something has changed that day

I may confuse myself and confuse all of you with such a complicated analysis.
Because looking back to my list of challenges, I know that the decision is always mine, when it comes to change things.

I know that improvement starts inside us. Even if we don’t do anything special, may be having a different feeling can be enough to change the whole of the day.

I know also that the world is called world because it too big, so are the experiences in it.
I know that listening to Bryan Adams singing: I’ll always be right there; alone in my room, doesn’t specially mean I’m having nothing to live for.

It simply means I’m having time to think again before making my evenings busy.
And that’s my main new challenge: Thinking well before doing anything, because if you forgive yourself for some wrong step in life, then the wild world won’t do so.

There for, I am convinced that experience is logic use of mind.

It is the fruit of all learnings.

That's why, I am so confident of my coming challenges.

Because I know, I learnt a lot

Because I know that I can make everything come true,

Because I know what is between my hands, I can deal with it the way I want.

and because I know that after falling down, we always stand up again strongly.

To the ones reading my blog posts, I'd like to tell that in few time, I'll be blogging again telling you how many goal I achieved.

Till that close future,

I'd like to give a special thank to my friend Phil, always present in my thoughts.

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