Thursday, February 12, 2009

My life without me...

Back home after a long tiring day !
I was very sick and could hardly open my eyes to look at my books.
Even though, I tried to do something to make my mind work.
And I remembered something.

The list of challenges I made by end of the year.
When I looked at it, I found that many of them came true, so I got a crazy idea about making another list in which I planned things to do before I die.
Two things seemed too strange for me while writing this list:
The first is that I want to do what few people dream of.
They are generally for money and high class.
The second is that half of them are just too impossible.
I don’t know if it is me who is too pessimistic or if it is the list of my challenges which was to easy to accomplish.
Still that the idea was original, and I got it from a movie called “mi Vida sin mi” (my life without me)
It is a story of a young woman who was having a kind of tiring life, till the day she knows, she is going to die.
She took a paper in the coffee shop, and made a list of “things to do before she dies”
From that moment, she started to live deeply each moment of her life
There for, before dying. I would love to:
Thank god for what he gave me
Graduate from university
Finish my careers of cooking
Get a high level of Spanish
Learn the 5th language
Visit Spain and Turkey
Make a good master
Work in a luxury hotel
Open my own restaurant
Tell people I love how much I love them
Starting by : my mom
And finishing with someone very precious for me to whom I could never express my love: my friend Ayham.
Help the poor ones
And for sure; do my best to make the world remember me with good things

Because life is not that long,
Because I am confident of some challenges
And because we can always find a way to reach the point we want
I know that if I have to imagine my life without me:
I won’t be sad because there would be people loving the hotels management industry more than me
There would be people learning languages and flirting in the Spanish way, just like me!!
There would be others blogging and Phil will keep reading blogs
My mom will understand that life goes on and that all what I have been doing, I did it for her.
Turkey will keep being a touristic country, because it is too beautiful.
My first love will get married and for sure his wife will look like to me in some aspects
In my college, people won’t forget me because I was a person with a heart
Ayham for sure will forget me but I wish that he realize that he had the biggest part of my heart when it comes to share it between people I love.

Well, till that day, I am still alive :)

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