Monday, February 2, 2009

What a day!

What a day! What a day!
The weather changed thousand of times, I am happy because when I was out, it was sunny
Something funny happened to me today; I was walking to school when two young girls stopped me saying: "aunty aunty, can you help us to cross the street?". I smiled :)
It isn't always that people call me Aunty!!
Yea, I am no longer the baby I have always been.
Time goes and we change with it.

Few meters far, I posted a letter to my friend Teresa, I met again the same neighbour I meet daily. I started to think of my life.
Do I still have the same one, just like my neighbour going and coming?
What did I make the last years?
Do all people living around me have the same daily boring life?
Or do they live in one day, a sigle of doses of adrenaline?

I remembered that my friend Sam was changing his life!
Yea, he was, because he was travelling, getting a new job, meeting new people, for sure eating a different meal, drinking another kind of coffee, calling me from a new phone number
and may be thinking of me differently.

I realized many things.
I realized that this is the changement I wanted to have
I realized that when people are far, we do notice how much we miss them.
I realized that everyday is a new one and it comes for sure with new surprising things
I realized that most of the time you touch someone's heart friendly or he/she touches yours, it is never meant. And this is the beauty of pure things in life.

I also realized that no matter what we would think of our behaviour today, there is always something nice, benefit and strong to give and recieve and that is : THE daily smile.

For today, for the great things that God is giving me, for the nice people I know, for my smile that gives me the force to go over all limits , I am the most proud and happy person

thanks for reading

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Phil Marx said...

I had a friend from Bangladesh who naturally grew up learning British English, rather than American English. We would often get confused over the subtle differences in dialect. A line of yours reminded me of him.

"Few meters far, I posted a letter to my friend Teresa."

Here, we'd just say "I need to mail a letter." I suppose that with today's generation, what you said would make many people assume you were talking about doing something on the computer.

Have a good day, Zahra, and don't forget to smile because you never know who may be watching.