Monday, February 23, 2009


6 :30 pm
A freezing weather out, I was just in front of my computer, my courses of menus plans between my hands. On my left, my new book of management that I have just started reading.
Life is too crazy! Everything got a memory!
Even the book I am reading, got one of the most beautiful souvenirs for me.
Nearly 21 years old, I remember right now my memories of childhood

I remember my father! I remember the few memories I had with him
I remember the funniest thing happening to us together

I could imagine my life without me, but I forgot to imagine it without the ones, really not with me.

It’s true, I’d give my all, to spend just one more day with him.
I guess one day would have been enough to take him in my arms, to call him papa as I used to do
To laugh at him calling me: “Zohir, my son, come here!”
Hehehehe, yea. I was somehow his boy.
I think that one day would have been also enough, to go together again for lunch. To take again the same pizza in the same restaurant, to eat ice cream walking in the same street
One more day would have been enough to have a naughty smile, listening to him telling me again: “ papa, Zahra, I want you to be strong, and I want you to be with one boy the whole of your life”
Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ve been with many ones, Hehehehe
I respected these promises more than what he was expecting me to do.
I realized too late that my dad was in my life like a comrade sharing my young brain full of hopes and desires to discover the world.
I realized also that my dad has gone, and sharing things had gone with him. And this is the biggest loose in life.
And I have realized one important thing; I am still the baby of my dad
For these very few great moments, for my love, for yours that I hope was as deep as mine, for our laughs, for my innocent looks, for each small thing that joined us, I thank God for what he gave us
I thank you dad, for giving birth to such a responsible and strong person I am
I thank you for teaching me how to face everything without anyone’s help
My promise to you today- except dating one guy in a life time- is to make you happy with all what I’ll be giving to the world, to my family, to my values.
And because the one who said: “ far from the eyes, far from the heart” was wrong, I again would love to tell you, that no one can replace you, as long as I’ll be looking for that.
No one will take of my love as much as you took
Thanks for being zohir’s- opps I meant Zahra’s father. :D


Chavazelle said...

And thank you, Zahra, for sharing this.

To me, this is the best kind of fathers, and I am sure yours had the best kind of daughters, too. At the end of the day, you both win.

I bet he, at this moment, is so proud, as he seems to have left behind a person who can have things under control.

I dunno what being a father feels like. But when I become one, I am sure I will feel quite good once my lil girl starts to understand the way things go.. and most importantly, I will be the happiest man ever if my child remembers me after I am gone. Nothing compares to that.

Your love to your dad is remarkable.

Keep your head up.

Hugs from Egypt!

Noblez Chavazelle

Phil Marx said...

Hello Zahra. Here is a song for you.

Here are the lyrics.