Saturday, July 18, 2009

A sexual obsession.

From France, I am writing you dearest all, these words to let you know what I do and what I think about whenever I get access to the net.
Actually, I can’t come to it as I used to do but for sure, I won’t stop writing for long periods.
The 12 of July 2009
My Mexican friend: Sonia let me use her computer to be able to check my emails and say “hi” to my friends who were online.
Even thought, I wasn’t having too much time for that, I decided to check the blog of one of my friends because it was being long time since I last read it.

His articles are really interesting and many people follow his writings.
I could remember that few days before leaving, we talked about writing a blog article concerning the last spectacular event that happened to me in Algeria when they robbed me.
As I was the person affected by that, I wrote first about it, and I expected him to write something as well.

My expectation wasn’t wrong. Through his words, he expressed the cultural chock that we lived that day with a gendarme.
For those who didn’t read the article concerning this story, I remind you the protagonist idea:
After loosing my things, in the constabulary, I was waiting with my friend who –to bring me up- put his arm on my shoulder. This innocent act nearly cost us a wonderful new unexpected problem.
I know that my introduction was quit long because the main idea that I want to go to is: the sexual obsession.
With these two words, my friend described the guy who was fighting with us that day.
Of course, with the same words, as an Algerian woman living in the third world (even if I am not in it right now) I describe most of the acts of an important number of Algerian men.

Sex, even if it is not accepted as so, has always been a part of our lives.
It is not a simple desire only, even if this one is an important part of it.
It is not love but it can be a feeling related to it.
It is not a crime, because it is a human need that feels every single person with no distinction.
It is not everything in life, even though most of people think that a successful relationship is based on it.
Between all these ideas, what is sure is that sex is still taboo. I don’t doubt that it is so in all the places in the world as it is considered as a private, intimate thing that we don’t talk about with anyone.

In my hometown, which is an Arabic and Muslim country, this taboo has always been represented by symbols of religion which is totally false because our book “el Koran” talks about it to explain each part of it to people.

The society created for itself elements of complication that explain the coming declination:
1_ The rape.
2_ The problems of adaptation between men and women.
3_The sexual obsession: that explains the behavior of the gendarme that day.
In one of the classes of Spanish, we debated about the sexual education in schools and I was against it.
My point of view was argued by some elements based on the sexual obsession of some educators.
There for, I have always encouraged the sexual education given by doctors and people with high levels of education in this matter to avoid creating a new problem by trying to solve another.

In the Algerian society, the sexual obsession is due to the fact that most people never talk about sex, and never try to understand or to express their feelings, questions, doubts, and desires concerning it.

This is the reason that made most of them think of sex whenever they see any act of tenderness even if it is logically impossible to be accepted as so, just like what happened to me with my friend.

Many friends of mine think that the last course concerning the sexual education succeeded in making of me a mad girl. I don’t think so because that was my character hidden behind my shyness.
Being educated has been the best choice that I have never done, and for sure I’ll continue in this way.
I know that I can’t change the third world and that’s far from being my objective but I’m deeply convinced that I can give to the world many things with my heart, reasons for which I won’t give up.

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