Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feelings of the heart(4)

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing during all this time.
I judged during the last period that my ideas were enough confused to be kept on a safe side.
My trip to France went from being an exciting experience to a hard one full of doses of adrenaline.

Each second of my day, I remember myself walking in the streets of the south. I was nowhere on that land and I remembered billion of things that in normal cases the critical situation in which I was wouldn’t give me any minute to think of them.

I couldn’t develop any idea for the blog and was so obsessed with one crazy thing that I succeed in doing: making a long trip from the south to the north to reach Paris and be finally in peace.

When I first travelled, I was having many objectives totally different from what my school mates were looking for .

By going to France, I lost from one side my chances to go to Turkey this year. I couldn’t be training in a hotel as I wished, but from another side, I was planning to get this European experience and to think while I am alone of my coming projects. To these thoughts I didn’t hesitate to add some other things that I truly hoped to fix.

In the series of articles published in Spanish “feelings of the heart”, I felt while writing them that my sensitivity reached its top and I could express it in different ways.
Few time after, incredibly I kept a document of word opened for long hours without being able to post a single word in it.
So I don’t know if the absence of my boss today is refreshing my ideas or if getting confused for a long period has given birth to a small spark of creation in my mind.

There for, I am back to talk about marriage in the third world.
As always, I start by telling you a fascinating story of Friday evening that I am used to watch.
The title of the last episode was: “honey days”.
It is a story of a young modern girl living in the golf countries who accepts to marry someone without knowing well the conditions of life with him.
The guy was living in a big house with his parents, for this reason he didn’t buy another one for him and decided to take her to live with his family.

The first day after her weeding, things started to be strange.
His two daughters enter her room without her permission, they also mind when she wears jeans and they even force her to cook and clean daily.
She was also obliged to put her scarf even when she was home, and couldn’t go out without the permission of the family in law even if the husband allows her.

The situation reached its top when they asked her to eat alone in the kitchen sat on the floor, just because the father of her husband prefers to eat with his wife and kids without any stranger.

This smart girl could solve the situation. She went out after asking for the permission of her husband to visit her aunt.
Once back the father of her husband was waiting for her to blame her as she went out.
She explained him that she has already talked to her husband and he accepted. This one , too afraid of his dad, denied.
The father warned her that if she goes out again then he will make his son put an end to this marriage.
With a large smile, she opened the door and left again.

In the third world marriage really makes people afraid. When everything depends on these three letters “Y/E/S”, it comes to be quit hard to pronounce them.
My fairs, just like the fairs of many people are the same: regrets, unhappiness, bad behavior, servitude, an above all “the wrong choice”.
The tradition, the life style, the society and many other things just make people explain everything in many ways that are partly false because they relate them to destiny.

Yes, Destiny. This word that makes everyone’s life goes the way it does with a small remark that people ignore: making the best of us to reach our objectives.

Till I understand this society, my articles will be my unique and daily way to get to know more about the feelings of our hearts.

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