Sunday, November 23, 2008

The school of life...1

In the last 20 years, I have been through many experiences
Each one of them taught me a lot about life and how I should deal with it.

Before, I used to think that the world was limited to the piece of land I am living in.
With time, Irealized that it was much bigger.

It used to seem to me that once you fail, it simply means that you aren't made to win. But I realize now that it is through failing that we learn more, give more and succeed better.

When I lost my dad, I thought I have lost the only man in my life.
Later...I understood that there was something called love, in which another man would give me as much as my dad would do.

I may laugh at myself after few years reading again these lines
Because, I'd be going through others experiences that will give me more knowledge.

Few months ago,I lost my best friend.. I thought our friendship would have gone forever but it didn't
I thought I wouldn't deal with this loose... but I did...
I thought it would make me stop trusting but it didn't.

It looks strange...But day by day, we realize that somethings which we used to deeply care about , are small ones in our lives as we grow up and start to worry about vital things.

I think this is getting mature.
It comes to say that at a certain time, you stop making a big story of meanless subjects
Just because it is this way that things have to go,
Changing them is the best, trying to improve them is good, accepting them as they are, isn't that bad
And most of the time, when you involve yourself in the first two one, you may simply destroy what you wanted to keep as a base
That's why, dealing with comes to be the last solution because it's all about Fate

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