Tuesday, November 18, 2008


After writing my article about trust, I found a comment from my friend Phil about it ,which was more interesting than my post itself.

In his comment, he told me that turst is what allows us to know poeple, to make friends
Thinking of what he said, I found that he was right.
But back to my thoughts, I don't find it that easy to be trusting to get -may be- hurt after that.

It happens sometimes that we trust some poeple more than what we should.
may be it is because of love, of kindness, or simply because it is our nature

We may also be giving more than what the person deserves no matter in which kind of relationship.
I would be telling you billion of stories of friendship that went with the wind, as well as other of love.

And I put point here and ask: Can we really hate someone after loving him deeply just because he betrayed us?
In other ways, I'd be asking: After how many dishonest actions, can we hate someone?

and If someone went and comes back, will things stay the same just because we_one day_ did love him?
Poeple reading this may think that I am trying to reproduce my own experiences in writing, but it is not true.
I would simply love to show that the human relationships are like glass, like a mirror if u want
once broken, yea you can glue it but it will no longer looks as it was before.

I guess, we all trust as my friend Phil said, even if we don't want it, it will come by itself
but we do also all hate or simply ignore, when we hardly feel that our trust is respected.

that's why I've always said that the esperience doesnt give any fear. No matter how long you take to go over it, for sure you'll reach a certain degree that allows you to forget.

so again, I'd say: don't be afraid of living what your heart trusts,
never forget that if you exist with this sincerity then there are sure others who exist with the same values just made to be ur friend, ur brothers, ur loved ones or just a sweet part of your daily life.

Special thanks for Phil

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