Sunday, November 16, 2008


It may look crazy that always when I open my blog to write, I find myself posting a new thing that is again and again, in deep relationship with human relations, and trust.

During the last few weeks- in order not to say months- I thought a lot about TRUST
I was wondering how can this feeling born and how can we share it?
I still look for the way we use to be able to beleive people.
But same time, I would like to ask a question: how comes that sometimes we feel like trusting people but in some occasions we doubt what they say?

Is that due to the lake of trust?
Is that due to what we have faced and experienced before?
or is it simply everyone's manner to stay on the safe side?

and when I evoke trust, I think as well about lie.
I wonder why do people lie?
and If starting by the point that they talk about personal freedom and right to do whatever they want, then why not saying the truth?
I may think of many replies to my question:
it may be that they don't really live any freedom, otherwise, they would do anything they want and be proud of it.
It may be also because of a kind of sickness which symptoms are in telling wrong things and getting a kind of happiness with that
or it may be simply the third and for sure the best reply following my opinion: they simply try to pretend being what they aren't and want the others -that they try to show they ignore- that they are perfect.
It comes here to a psychological trouble: because you try hard to prove to someone that you don't care about his opinion while you do
yes you do because you tell him/her lies in order to hide the real one you are
what's more, you tell lies to be the one you aren't who this person "X" is looking for or just would love .

In the same subject, another idea comes to my mind.
Once you deeply trust someone and never doubt about him,is it possible to lose this trust one day?
If he betrays you or simply goes with no reason, will you be able to trust him again if he comes back?

I've lived that experience few time ago, and I can say that what is 100 per 100 trusted will stay same forever.

It may hurt, disappoint or even make us fed up that our trusted ones go
But the first occasion we get to bring them back will be caught.

Of course, once they are back, nothing will be the same, but trust will
The only yhing that can be affecting you is the fact that they had gone.
but what was sincere and well built, will never change

That's for me: true trust...

thanks for reading

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Phil Marx said...

Hello Zahra. I see you are posting to your blog like me - not very frequently. I think I am going to find a way to end my blog soon. It takes too much time and I just don't have it right now.

As far as trust, betrayel and being lied to and used, just remember that if no one ever takes a risk with someone else, then none of us will have any friends at all. Yes, it's ashame that we have to dig through so much dirt to find the ones who are truely worthwhile, but that is why we should always work to cultivate the relations with such people when we actually do find them.

I will get you another letter sent soon. Take care, Phillip