Thursday, November 27, 2008

the school of life..2

Day by day, the greatest school of all times teaches us billion of new things, gives exercises, and make us take exams

As long as I have been observing it, I understood that the best students, who pass, are the ones who learn the lesson from the first time and learn it well.

I also realized that if you don’t take the lesson, you will never learn.
In one of my courses of philosophy, I learnt that there was no total freedom to do, act, think, and live as we want.

There is always a strong force inside everyone of us that make us, behave the way it wants
Of course, by these words, I don’t talk about religion, as well I don’t mean customs
I talk about the force of feelings. Something that we all live with, no matter who we are, where we come from,and what we beleive in

I know, few are the ones who expected it to be my argument.
I would love, in order to convince you, to ask some questions.
Could you oblige your heart even once, to hate someone that you truly love?
Could you force it to love or to stop loving when it is doing so?
Could you simply be able to ignore something you feel?

Of course, no. Even if you try hard to hide, escape or pretend that you are that one who you aren’t
Feelings have always been the commander
And controlling doesn’t mean not feeling
So we all live under the same sky

This lesson wasn’t a new one for me. But what I usually ask myself about is:
Do I need to express what I feel, whatever it is?
If no, then what should I express and what should I keep for myself?
And if I should keep it, then why do all people say that if you never try, you will never know.
And if I tell, then what guaranties that I will not hurt, break, or lose someone?
It comes to understand where my freedom stops, and not when it starts.
Is it true that-in feelings- as in any other situation, it stops when people's freedom starts?

Does it mean that I can't express what I want, just because the freedom of others to refuse to listen starts?

The problem of freedom percentage stills a big subject to argue and debate about.
But, till it comes to a final agreement, the only freedom in feelings is the feeling itself.

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