Saturday, November 29, 2008

The school of life..3

From all the things I saw in this world, there is one I could never understand: LIE
First, what is a lie?
Is it opposite to the truth, and it implicates opposition to the honesty?
Is it changing some thing in the truth?
Is it hiding it?
Or is it simply inventing a new story in total difference with what is supposed to be said?

Wikipedia define it as opposition to agreement with fact and good faith.

But as known, people divide lie into 2 types:
A black evil one: to cheat, hurt, annoy others
A white one: to hide the truth in order to avoid problems or to arrange between people

I myself would like to add another type:
The lies said because the one saying them is convinced that they are true.

I have met last year a girl, saying all the time that she speaks Russian.
Of course, she doesn’t and we all know, but she keeps insisting in it and has a convincing face while she says it
Simply, because deep inside her, she believes: she speaks it

Another case, few days ago I have been contacted by a friend of a friend.
The girl contacting me was pretending that she was dating my friend (the guy)
People would think, this is a black lie to annoy me, but it wasn’t. she was convincing!!
I could after analyzing the situation that she deeply believes that they are together.
In this case, a psychiatric treatment would help the patient to feel better

But when it comes to the black lie, I don’t really find any reason to forgive
It happened to me to face this kind of lies
And I had two kinds of reactions.

First, while listening to this lie, the person telling it was enough intelligent to read in my eyes that I was not believing what she/he was saying, even though, I face it with the same cold smile ( :) ) and pretend (with a white lie) that I believe him/her.

In the second case, the person was enough blond, to keep telling mean less things without knowing that I was getting bored, listening to her/him.

I would love to give, in talking about lies 2kinds of classification totally different from what I said before:

Affecting and not affecting:

It happens to me to meet people, truly love them, care for them and simply because an affecting lie
I put them out of mind.
And as well, to love them same way even though they lie, just because it is not an affecting lie.

Lets suppose your best friend always pretends being 30 , and you know well he isn’t –because you searched and discovered he was older or younger- does it affect you?
No, it doesn’t, and it doesn’t affect any side of your friendship just because it is a detail that you don’t care about

You business is more, the feelings if they are true or not, and even if you discover that X wasn’t his name and he is called Y, it won’t matter you.

However, an affecting lie is all what gets into deep aspects and not small details:
I give an example: if someone tells you that you he loves your green eyes, while you know he is lying –because yours are blue- this is an affecting one.

It may be strange but, I have never felt like telling lies to get something, to change it or force it.
That’s why, today on my safe high side, I still wonder

Why someone who is poor pretends being rich in front of others by telling lies?
Why do girls lie to get someone’s heart?
Why do political personalities lie to get the population acceptance?
why do nowadays youth lies pretending to be like european just to get their simpathy?
Why do people simply change the truth that –may be- could have helped them more in getting what they badly wanted?

My questions still all ending with a question mark. Till I get a reply from some liars, I would simply enjoy the feeling of freedom given by the truth when it is always said, whatever we would lose or gain.

thanks for reading.

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