Saturday, January 3, 2009


One of the biggest things of this world, the commander in chief of every single action or thought we involve ourselves in.
As much as I tried to get to an exact definition, I found myself collecting billion of words controlled by it, but I never reached the hoped meaning.
Is it a series of unit composed of seconds, minutes, hours, days, years and centuries?
Actually, that’s not how I would describe it.
Time seems to me to be one of the bases of our lives
Isn’t it the one talking for our ages, birthdays, meetings, duration spent to do things?
So dearest, do you see how important time is?
Since the day I started to realize its importance, my mind also begun at the same time to observe things differently.
I give an example:
The last day of my training, my mind was concentrated in one idea, looking at my swatch and thinking that these faces I am seeing now, will no longer be part of my life in few TIMES
Same thing happened to me when I used to feel sad or get a big disappointment
Even though I think of the pain, my mind concentrates in how long I will need to forget or feel better.
Time is also what makes us grow, and get more in the experiences of life
It is what allows us to discover more about people, to take decisions, to think, to act.
Everything is too controlled by it and sometimes, one sec means a lot.
Yea, to save someone’s life, to win a completion in sport, to add one word on your sheet of exam, or simply to shut up before saying something you would regret, or say something which would change you whole world if you had done it.
So 1sec has never been anything.

Is there anyone of all of us who didn’t say, at least one,” If only I could go back to the past in time and do this and that, or change this and that”.

So why not, thinking well since the beginning in order not to regret anything we do or we live?
Why not making our minds use the sentence “ I take my time, before acting”?

From another side, I see time as the factor that we can only deal with.
No one can stop time when it is making us get older, when it makes the moment we are living get smaller, or when the wait we are in seems to be too long.
World looks like a sauce inside its stew pan , you know that it is end is to be cooked
Good or bad, this depends on your basic ingredients
But one thing can make you come to one of these two results: the TIME of cooking.

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