Sunday, January 11, 2009

A morning smile

I woke up today in a strange mood. Normally, it was a day like any other one, in which I had to go to college, clean, run, fight, get annoyed, and then be back to keep silent in front of my laptop while typing.
But my feelings were nice. Some people even wondered if I am not finally dating someone.
The fun, wallah
The first thing I thought about was challenges.
Yea, I thought about all the challenges of this year that I could realize.
I remember that I mentioned them on a sheet of paper that I kept inside my agenda.
I am really happy with this nice beginning of 2009.
I am happy with this fate, this destiny, these meetings from the craziest to wisest ones.
I am happy because I can smile again.
Because some people that could change my whole world with one word are no longer part of my life.
And I am happy that others got inside my world.
When I meet people, I don’t really give myself a big headache thinking of the way I met them, or the reason for, or the past life they were having or the future one that may change what we are sharing together.
I do believe in one thing: the present we are living. And in this present, we are part of each others world.
Caring about people, enjoying the time spent with them and giving all what my heart feels like giving is not something new to these who know me.
I always had the same theory in life: because nothing matters, I should take life as it comes, share with the most sincerity I can give and keep my pure, innocent (or naughty), and spontaneous way of expressing myself.
And because I never regret what I live, because I didn’t regret what I have said last year, or may be last night, because I won’t regret what I wil be saying the coming days and years.
I was happy today, when I woke up.
I have a special thanks to my Allah for the smile I have
I thank deeply all those who advised, carried about me, or simply gave me a great sweet wonderful daily company, that for sure means a lot to me, and for sure it is not less precious than the smile I get through their jokes, talks, comments, may be fantastic kisses.
Whenever I will be looking at the blue and dark sky with its stars, just too close to the beach, listening to Bryan Adams may be or to Nizar Kabani, I will remember with a smile all those nice memories.
And because no one knows what tomorrow is preparing for us, I live day to the day and my feeling today was too beautiful.


Phil Marx said...

It seems most people's plans and hopes for the new year are usually dashed within the first week, so congratulations for making it ten days in tact. If you are still on target with your list after one month, I think you are remarkable.

Okay, I already think you are remarkable :)

By the way, who did you fight with? Did you win? I fought with my cat the other day, but she won because she has sharper claws than me!

zahra said...

hey Phil,
thanks so much for ur comments.
it is really a honor to know that u see me as a remarkable person.
for the fightS, to be honest, I am fighting with the whole of the world, especially at college. As things are not that well there.