Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The 21st of january 2009
What a day ! what a day !
Again, I felt down from my bed early because I had an exam.
Of course, it wasn’t the big joy. It was so short and so difficult.
Anyhow, I finished studying at 20h. and as always, I went walking in the cold night of this long and tiring month of january, and I had my small monolog.
I remembered that today is the birthday of my first love.
And of course, the crazy mind I have never stops at one idea.
I do remember his last birthday. He was so precious, so important for me.
But people, do you see that life change?
I thought of that sentence saying: yesterday had gone, tomorrow is not here, so lets live today.
I may have taken too much time, to realize finally that the best way to be happy is to take life day by day.
We may feel sometimes that we are lost, sad, tired, or simply fed up with this world, but there is always a way to go over this.
It is obvious to think that today should finish with at least one benefic thing and that tomorrow is a new day which will make of today “yesterday”
During my 20 years of life, I have deeply believed in one thing: growing up makes us change and with the new experiences we live, we realize that there were too many stuffs which have never deserved all what we dedicated to them.
We realize that our minds think differently before acting,
We realize that the theory of decision wasn’t discovered to be kept inside books, but to be used.
We realize that thinking twice before acting always rescues us.
We realize that having two ears and one mouth means: listen twice before talking.
We realize that challenges are what make our days full of action.
We realize that everything goes with time, so when you deeply want something, go over your limits to get it. If you fail, then there is something better waiting for you somewhere else, and don’t worry about what you feel: our minds were made to forget about the bad experiences.
My last words:
Cheer up!
Take life positively!
Never give up a dream when you feel it deeply
And remember that life isn’t what you live , but what you made of your days, society and world.

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