Saturday, January 31, 2009

The day I realized that from life I learnt a lot..

It was 17h.
I entered my room, threw myself on my bed, with my arms big opened. I had the eyes closed and crying.
That day, again, Someone I thought deserved my trust had cheated on me.
minutes went, and my mind thought more and more.

I realized that there was no reason to be sad for, because this time, I used my mind and could make my own plan to discover the truth.

This is experience in life.
When I look back to my past life, remembering my first love, I feel sometimes a kind of pain for not being able to love again, or when I remember my lost good friends.
But still, that the lessons I've learnt from all of that are more important than the feeling itself.

I realized that day, that I changed, that I am a wise person.
I realized that life is not all about living or walking with no aims
It is in analysing every small detail around us.
There for, facing sometimes the same situation shouldn't be taken as a new pain but as a basic point like the one used for HACCP , where , after putting the needed changements, you should test them, to see: if yes, or no, you fixed them the right way.

My new resolutions of the new year have just started, and I am fixing them this week.
It is strange, yes!! As the whole of the world think of them by the end of 2008

Still that I make of every new day , another begining, a new hope, a new moment, a new laugh, and an important step to grow.

I am sure that you will wonder which kind of spirits I have or which way do I use to focus in understanding the world?

I would reply by telling that Sensitivity, even if it has always been a weak point for most of people, it is for me the intelligence of the soul.

To all people facing any bad or sad or hurting situation, I would love to say:
never feel broken
take it as an experience
learn from it
discover your mistake
put corretion to it so that you don't commit it again.
beleive that everything happens for a reason
and if you meet again the same situation, ask yourself, ask your mind twice, before acting.

that's all for today
I will be back soon to share you more stories

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