Monday, January 12, 2009

It was a day..

The 12th of january 2009.
It was 8:17 exactly when my mom entered my room, asking me to wake up as it was too late.
When I opened my eyes, and looked at my mobile to see what time was it, I understood that the day was starting bad.

I felt down from my bed and used all the glucides present in my body to get the necessary energy to do my housework and go to school.
As the minister of tourism was coming, we weren't allowed to study, to walk out of the class or to leave the school once we enter it.

And here, my mind started thinking of mistakes.
The first thing coming to it, was: Didn't I make a bad choice by registering at this school?
Actually, my thoughts didn't stop at that point.
So I wondered, if I could be back to the past, will I change something?
If no, does it mean that I am happy with everything I am doing.
If yes, does it mean that I am feeling guilty, and regreting what I have always called MY choices in life?

Inside the mind of a starter in the management carreer, choices seem to be more than simple facts of taking one way and refusing the other.
It is a total theory, and a regreted choice means that I have analysed badly the possibilities and
I didn't study well the coming results of each one.

there for, my feelings of the day were really confused
But as a marketing student, I try to get benefit of every single situation, believing that no product should be thrown, we can always get some advantages.

by the end of today, I wish again, even a month later, that from every small thing we do, we provide ourselves some happiness.

I wish that the 3rd world will start to use some management so that we 'logic people' stop posting hopless articles about our moods of the days.
and I wish that all the beautiful and magic things, even the smallest and simple ones we fell one day, can keep making us smile and fix our motivations to other challenges, hopefully well studied.

Dear Phil, thank you for reading , in advance :)


Phil Marx said...

So I see you've figured our that I read your blog regularly, even though I don't always comment. You know, there’s a fine line between a stalker and just an admirer. But there is a rather large ocean between us, so I don't suppose you should be worried about me showing up unexpectedly at your doorstep any time soon. :)

Regarding the mistakes, all I can say is that there is no set pattern for navigating though life's mazes. The system is much too complex for that. Always keep in mind that while there have been millions of women and millions of Algerians and millions of Muslims and millions of students that walked before you, there has never been (and will never be) another you.

Those who claim they don’t make any mistakes are just too ignorant to realize what is really going on around them. Those who do see their mistakes can turn them into lessons for the future. So don’t be sad that you have made mistakes. That is no problem as we all do that. Rather, you should be satisfied that you are sentient enough to realize those mistakes, and to learn from them.

And thank you in advance, Zahra, for reading my comment.

zahra said...

thank you very much for ur interests and thanks billion of times for ur comments and good advices.