Saturday, June 20, 2009


It is known that people around the world give always more than a name to the places that they deeply love. And I don’t doubt that this wonderful city called “Candle” or Bejaia has always been since long years a very admired region.
It keeps attracting million of tourists, and it is not simply for its beaches.
For all these who have been before to Bejaia, the beauty talks for itself between the mountains, the monuments, the nature, and the traditions of its population.
I remember my first trip to it. I was so young, and discovering a new place was making me extremely excited.
I reached it by car. It was totally great to discover the virginity of its roads.
The trees, the sun, the birds, the silence and above all of these, the sounds of this candle when it is shining ,just giving the necessary dose of light to relax your looks while the car is going and your heart of a big lover of this city is getting closer to it.
For sure, nowhere in the world you would find such high roads that you take from a peak to another one, to discover the mystery of each corner of it.
What a deep of a feeling gets inside you when you are in front of the cap of “Cabron” just admiring the virginity of the nature that touch the deepest nerve of love in your spirit by the green color of its water.
I enjoy the lights of the city during the night; I enjoy closing my eyes in Gouraya and let the fresh air rub my hair.
Have you ever seen the splendid views from the road of “Corniche”?
That’s what I would advice you to try. Such a luxury landscape offered for free can’t be other than the language of you feelings.
The mosque of Ibn Badis is more than a religious construction.
It is a curious place to discover, enough attractive with its gardens and the revealed side that involves.
Sometimes, when I am describing Bejaia, I feel that I am talking about a big country and not a region of Algeria. It is so rich with what it offers that getting lost with its beauty is quit easy.
Bejaia is also famous for its culture, for the life style of its population, for its food and its hospitality.
Is there anyone who has never stopped to look at the beauty of the Bejaoui ladies with their traditional dresses in which the colors take another cube of lights and interpret the joyful of its people?
I guess that each one of you has parked his car while going to Bejaia to buy one of these wonderful dresses and with it, he couldn’t resist to that desire of buying one of the jars, or some of her fruits that men cultivate with the biggest care.
In this Berber city, I enjoy visiting the old houses, in which tasting the traditional meals is a pure moment of pleasure.
From the Ameqful well decorated with vegetables and meat to the Douara passing by the Tchicha soup and the omelet I don’t know what to choose when all these delicious preparations are in front of me.
I don’t know if my words were enough to describe a real beauty that for sure you will not regret visiting and discovering but I do believe that the image given talks for itself.
Including the Spanish, the Turkish and the French styles according to the époques, Bejaia with all its touristic potentialities has the doors big open to all her visitors.
The summer is here, so time for you to take your car or your plane and give yourself some days of pure relaxation in such an exotic city.

Finally, I’d love to end with this poetry written for Bejaia:
“There is a place in you,
Where man dreams alone,
He never gets old,
He never dies,
And it is in your forests, in your beaches, inside you: Bejaia.”

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