Saturday, June 20, 2009

A human right...

I have asked for the visa few days ago.
Just like my colleges, I am waiting, but waiting is not something that we do the same way.
If my colleges don’t go, they will for sure be disappointed.
For me, going is a reason to be alone in a deserted place and think.
But staying will allow me to travel to a city that makes me dream since long time.
Before the summer arrived, I thought it was going to be my opportunity this time to be there and finally understand what I called in Spanish “el por qué de las cosas”.

I feel that my blog is going be similar to my friend’s blog where he talks about Algeria.
I am meeting facts that make me want to write about them.
I don’t know what is wrong with this country. I still can’t understand if people were born as stupid as that, only in the place where I live or if they are the same all over the 2 381 741km² of this land.
I don’t want to express my anger in any of my blog articles because it isn’t my main objective when I write.

The last event that happened in my school left me totally astonished.
While I was on my face book, a college asked me if I saw the last published pictures.
The question was quit weird, and after asking for more explanations, I could understand what he was talking about.
A group of students stole a personal computer of some girls who are staying in the school and then they published all the personal pictures –and I really mean the word “personal”- on the net.
Most of people just judged that they deserve it and they are wrong.
Thinking logically about things, everyone is free to do whatever he wants, as long as “in the muslim religion” no one will face God with someone else.
I mean that God will reward and punish everyone alone, so no one can give his opinion about the other.
I am not looking for the reasons that made them take such photos but I can assure that the one publishing them doesn’t know that if we discover him/her, the price will be quit expensive.
As I said in previous articles, the population here doesn’t understand the religion practiced and for sure, no one understands the human rights to keep his life private.
I won’t talk about values or morals concerning this event. In the Algerian society, everyone is free to do whatever he wants. However, respect to others is necessary to curry one sharing this land.

Firstly, I was up set when the school has chosen me to travel, because I was planning for other things.
Today, my opinion is totally different. I really wish to be abroad, at least to give my head holidays from thinking in this third world that I am sticking with.
The problem of Algeria specifically and the Arabian world in general is its judgment.
I am totally convinced that if before any word we pronounce we think twice, things will surely change.
Writing these words made me awfully sorry, because we are trying to reach a point that is extremely far comparing to our capacities.
So before giving any opinion about anyone’s life, lets first see what we are doing.
Understanding, analyzing and above all of these elements, keeping in mind that we are living the century of the humanity in its pure meanings and even in times of our prophet, tolerance was a rule.

Today, I am convinced that the arabo-muslims will never understand their religion and will never be able to reach any kind of spiritual happiness, if they keep acting this way.

For these girls, I wish that a quick solution will be found.
For the ones committing this crime, I wish that legal actions will be taken against them.
And for my society, I got sincerely no wishes. I know that there is no force on the world to change it.
But I am , for sure, convinced that the probability will not find any equation to make me behave, think, or live like it.

Thank you for reading.

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