Saturday, June 13, 2009

My trip to Zeraldah..

Dear friends,
To start with, I would like to apologize for not being able to post during all the last period because of many reasons that I won’t bother you talking about them.

As a first article, I will talk about my trip to Zeraldah, a region in Algeria where I have been training fort a week with other students concerning the association aids Algeria in the subjects of the sexual health.
The first day.
I’ve reached Zeralddah afternoon after a long tiring trip with my formal skirt and white blouse.
I felt like being alone in a desert. There was just the sea, and some houses totally empty around my room.
I guess, I have never felt that lost and that confused in my whole life.
Between the coming exams that I couldn’t prepare and the feeling I was having because of some stupid and unexpected meetings during the previous week.
I think I got many reasons to escape and stay alone in such a place just admiring the silence….

A silence that gets deeply inside your heart or soul- for these who believe in it-

Actually, being an unsociable person was quit critical for me.
As I am not used to share my room with strangers, I find it a bit hard to do it.
I was simply trying to understand the world around me.

Something strange happened to me when I first met the three girls sharing me the house.
The first question that they asked me was: “ are you dating someone?”
It was a quit embarrassing question for someone who has never dated.
But anyhow, I was having a good time staring by the third day. I wasn’t feeling bad and this was a victory for me.

8:20 pm of the third day.
What a world!
I had a full time table.
We finished the class at 7pm.
I was the first one to make the summary of the whole courses and I really enjoyed it.
But still that I was afraid. I was afraid of many things and I think that it was extremely relaxing to understand your fairs.

During these days, I could notice that I have never been with such different personalities.
It was really crazy to meet people totally opposite to me.
However, everyone has his own character, his own objective in life, his ideas, his languages, his career, his way to behave with you.

My meeting with a Palestinian guy was the fun of the course.
From the beginning, he simply kept looking at me the way I hate, of course, same I did and we couldn’t talk to each other till the last day. At that time, he realized that we could be friend, and so we are today.

I think that the sexual education was not my main objective. I have always been convinced that about these subjects I know-scientifically- billion of things, even though during the conference one of my colleges made a stupid comment when I asked the teacher of anatomy to give us another conference telling me:” the lady has a small knowledge in that matter and would like to know more things may be”
With my mediocre smile, I preferred to look at him without answering.
Many Arabic still don’t understand that life is made of experiences, that we should never say: “I’ve learnt enough”, and no matter what is offered to us, learning is a part of our thoughts.

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