Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My trip to Tunisia

6 pm, the station of busses « kharouba » a group of 15 dynamic and crazy people gathered there to take the road to Tunisia to live the first international experience.
We took the bus and reached Anaba early in the morning, we had a lot of fun all together.
Once there, the taxis were waiting for us to start the second part of the trip till Tunisia. I was most of the time home sick. I reached the capital totally dead.

Three aiesecers were there to take us to another city: el Hammamat where we were supposed to have the conference. Again the way was so long, we took a bus, a taxi and a train. I was so bored and tired.
As soon as we reached the hotel, we put our stuffs in the lobby and entered running to the conference.
Algeria is the first country on the list, so we were supposed to be the first ones to present our roll call.

The conference wasn’t bad. We worked a lot, met so many people, we had fun, partied. My favorite moment was the official dinner where all the boys were in formal suit and the girls in nice elegant dresses. We were all pretty and cute.
I tried to take the best from this conference, I got in touch with people I don’t know, had to deal with them, to learn from them. I challenged myself in some work groups, I represented my country with the best values, but I also represented myself and my own values.
I had nice moments with some people who I will miss, I learnt more about leadership, and how to give a feedback and a good speech.
This trip was again a successful one for me, I reached all my objectives in it. May be I didn’t take the best of it because I had worries that I am still sticking with them but I was proud of my behavior, just being myself.
To Tunisia I may go back again and for sure I will meet those nice friends I had there and share them again a wonderful experience.
Well, I won’t be able to write more, I am too tired but I promise to post another article soon.
Thank you to all of you for the emails and the messages sent during my absence.

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Agha said...

Dear Zahra. I read your article you had a good trip which was full of fun, learning and experience. I read there, you wrote that, in this trip you reached all your objectives. I think the objective you mentioned in your article is related to this trip only. One cant attain the objectives of life in one trip you are looking to be a great woman and your objective will not end and you have the ability of doing good work for social and economic development and poverty reduction and can improve the quality of life of people in rural communities.