Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Money (1)

Money, money, money..
Money is like zero. Its importance depends on where you put it. It might be everything if it is in the right side and nothing if it is on the left one.
Money is what allows you to satisfy your first needs. Money is what you give to someone else to get something he has.

With money, you can get food, water. You can get a house whether by renting it and in this case the owner will gain from your money monthly or by buying it and here you can be the one who gains from other people’s money.

Money assures you treatment. It makes your future easier while your present is going on.
Money can offer you most of what you want. With money you can get clothes, cars, planes and boasts. You can get positions, friends, and partners. You can also get a wife or just sex.

Money satisfies most of Maslow s’ needs, when you belong to an irresponsible society.
With money people will love you more, they will try all to work with you, to become close to you and they will even have more intentions to date you or to marry you.
If you are smart then you can get all of this and save your money. You can even use money to oblige others to do what you want.

This money, you can work with it and gain more and more. This is money’s theory. Whether you lose it or you multiply it. It is never static.
So if you are a dammed one, there will be for sure smarter ones who will take your money to do less idiot things with it.

Money makes happiness. It builds roads on a broken way. It gives you hopes. It helps you to achieve your goals, to dream awake, to challenge yourself, to go with no fears.
So just stop telling that money doesn’t make any sense.
Money is what you all work for, and no one should blame you. You are right!

I am not sure of the position that money occupies in my life. I am not rich and I have never succeeded in getting all what money would have afforded me.
However, I am quite convinced that with a little bit more, I would have been able to get my own house, to build my own company where “work” is done the way it should be.

I would have been able to fly as much as I wanted to be with my love insread of calling him daily empty my mind from these terrible thoughts of being miles and centuries away.
I would have hel
ped the poor ones. Those ones who can’t get what to eat because they don’t have money.

I would have made justice amongst human beings. We would have fought less and loved more.

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