Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This life of mine

I don’t know
I don’t know and I really don’t care about knowing because…
When I came to the world, the sky was blue, the sun was brightening and love was the most beautiful feeling on earth.
There for, I won’t try to understand what mathematic theories can’t handle and can’t control.
I won’t try to understand why do people fight, hate, hurt, ignore, or forget.
I would rather try to care, love, help, and remember the others because deep inside I would love that the world remember me.
And for sure I wouldn’t like that my ugly hair cut, my short blue skirt, my formal blouse or my red nail polish will be the elements that people remember when my name is pronounced.
For those reasons and for some more, I decided to be the one I am.
I decided to be a person who thinks with the heart and loves with the mind.
I decided to live to fight and not to fight to live, that’s why my life is a daily challenge.
One of my favorite challenges is to smile whatever happens, even if I have the tears coming on my face.
Tears are what taught me that we can’t get everything we want because sometimes what we want isn’t exactly what we need.
I don’t need to agree always with people. The word “no” exists in all languages and no law forbids its use.
Laws were created to arrange the world but they just made it worse, that’s why the only ones I follow are the ones I analyzed Longley and deeply.
I am not sure of living till tomorrow but I am quit convinced that after finishing this article I won’t spend long hours thinking about something bad I’ve done or a pain I have caused because I know I didn’t and if I did then I apologized before closing my eyes forever.
My aim in life isn’t to change my whole society but I strongly believe that I can make a small part of it better and I am sure I can!!

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