Saturday, July 3, 2010


I spent long time trying to understand how does the human being system that provides feelings work.
I read books, I took classes of psychology, I observed people’s behavior, and I have done so many incredible things that you wouldn’t believe.
Unfortunately, it seems that my small humble brain and my simple life style will never came to an end with these learning steps. I have decided years ago to be a person who doesn’t complicate what God created and set as pure and true things.
I have never been forced to achieve anything and that’s why I consider that feelings are not something that we can prevent, plan for or control in a powerful side.
I discussed my thesis few days ago and my subject was about quality management.
It was more than a topic; I really lived it deeply and strongly. I think that I love what I do enough to do it in a perfect way.
From this point, a small sweet idea came to mind which was to make everything according to the color of my dress. My coworker had a tie with the same color as well and I really loved this harmony.
But what I didn’t expect was to realize that many people criticized my well done job; people who I considered as good mates; people who simply reached the achievement of the needs of accomplishment that I have talked about in my previous article.
I am sure of being a jealous person. I always love to protect my loved ones, and have them beside me in a moderate way. I met people who had all what I dreamed about but my feeling toward them was admiration. I think that jealousy is wrongly defined in our minds.
I consider it as the best way to get more motivation to work harder. It is also what makes other people realize how much you care about them.
I wish if people could take few minutes of their time to analyze this feeling as any other one, to tell themselves that all what God created inside the human being heart can be used positively and efficiently without harming people or causing any annoying thing to them.
At the end, jealousy that other people feel toward me has never hurt me anyhow
If it is a bad one, it gives me more power and if it is good, it adds happiness and confidence to my life.
I bet many people need to get over their small and limited geographical mind attitude to understand the real meaning of words and the pure sense of having an opportunity to be a human being on this land full of diversity and beauty, called: EARTH.
I thank all of you for reading

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